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I Traveled To Another City To Met This Man When I Got There, I Received The Shock Of My Life

When we met we were both young and innocent. He was a simple and down-to-earth guy. That was what I found attractive in him first before I got close to him. The connection I felt to him was magical. I had eyes for no other man but him. There was even a more successful and older guy who had completed his MBC and wanted me to give him my love. He was handsome and so sweet but my heart was already spoken for.

I turned this guy down and chose my young love, Michael. For the first time in my life, I loved a man with all my heart. It was as if I put my heart in his chest, and put his heart in mine. I say this because we were so in sync with each other. I could always feel it when something was wrong with him. Even when we were far apart and hadn’t spoken, and he was in a sad mood, I would feel in my heart that all was not right with him. I would call him only for him to confirm that indeed, he was unhappy.

One day he also confessed, “Babe, you don’t need to tell me if you’re okay or not. Even when we have not spoken, I can feel you. I know it when you are fine, and I know it when you are not.” Wow! Could this guy be my soulmate? I wondered as I smiled at the possibility. While he never attended any church, I was a church girl. I dedicated my life on campus to doing the work of God.

Many young women came to me for Bible studies, and I was always eager to help them understand the word of God. Michael knew my passion for church work so he was very supportive. He would walk me to church hand in hand and pick me up when we closed. Then we would go for walks until it was dark.

We always loved to watch the stars. He would point and say, “Look, that’s Orion’s belt.” Sometimes he would say, “Today, Venus is coming out. I want to show you.” We would talk about how tiny we must look on Earth when the stars look down on us. We would even argue that the stars could not see us because humans do not exude the kind of brilliance the heavenly bodies do.

Beautiful moments, those times. There was something about watching the stars that always had us planning our future. Of course, it wasn’t all talk. We put in the work. We sat together and studied. The courses that gave me headache, he helped me understand them. The ones he was weak in, I was his strength.

There was nothing the two of us could not accomplish together, I was sure of it. On weekends, we would go dancing like the college kids we were. After graduation, we found jobs in different cities. Whenever we got the chance, we would visit each other. I was perfectly fine with our relationship until one day he made an odd request. He asked me, “Babe, what if you quit your job and move in with me in my city?” “Huh?” was the only way I could respond.

I was not sure I heard him right. When he repeated himself I asked him, “Shouldn’t we get married first before we take this big step?” He told me marriage was still in his plans. “I am just saying that marriage is too far away considering we need to save money to perform the necessary rites.

While we wait for that to happen, I am here missing you so much. So move in with me right now and let’s do the marriage thing later.” Honestly, I took it as a silly joke so I just laughed. This guy didn’t relent. “Babe, quit your job and move in with me,” became his anthem for one month. Finally, I told him, “If you want me to move to your city then get me a job there.” Three months down the line, he called me sounding joyful.

He did it. He got me a job in his city. Although I was also very happy about the news I told him, “I can’t just move in with you like that. You have to bring something to my parents to officially declare your intentions to marry me.” He said he would do anything, but first, I had to come to his city for some interviews as a formality. The day I left home, he called me at least every hour until I got there.

He came with his cousin to pick me up at the bus station. From there, he took me to his place, and then took his cousin home while I waited for him. Despite all my concerns about moving in with him, that night we spent together was special. Magical, if I dare say. We woke up very early so I wouldn’t be late for my first day on the job. Even though he was acting fine, I could sense that he was agitated.

I remember asking him if he was okay. He laughed nervously and said, “I am anxious on your behalf. I got you the job but today depends on you. It could either be your first day at work or an interview gone bad. And I need this to work out so you will stay here with me.” He added that he couldn’t believe we were taking our first big step to living happily ever after. He wished me the best of luck as I left his place for the workplace.

Upon reaching the company I was led to the HR’s office alongside a young man. We didn’t even need any interviews. The job was already ours but it came with a condition. We wouldn’t work from the city. We would be transferred to their office in a nearby town to work. When I asked if there wasn’t any other way, I was given the option of working from the city I had come from. This means I either work in a town where I don’t know anyone or I return to my home city. Either way, Michael does not win.

I was distraught. What would I tell him? I was surprised that we were assured I would work in their city only for them to change their minds just when I arrived. I asked them to give me till the next day to get back to them. When I was ready to leave, I called my man to come and pick me up but he didn’t answer the call. After three attempts, he finally picked up. However, the voice on the other end was a woman’s.

I could hear a lot of chaos in the background. There was some serious scuffling and fighting, accompanied by a breathless, “Give me the phone. You have no right answering my calls.” That was Michael’s voice, I noted. Then I heard screams. For a few seconds, I heard nothing. The entire time, my heart was pounding angrily inside my chest. Then came a lady’s voice; “Hello, this is Abby. Michael is my husband. It’s not official but I am pregnant with his child so he will marry me.

I was so stunned that the only words I could say were, “Which Abby?” She introduced herself as one of the young ladies I used to have Bible studies with. Before she could say more, the line went dead.

. I was hearing things in my head. The echoes I heard were so loud that I couldn’t hear my thoughts. I fell into a daze. I had to hold the nearest wall to keep me from collapsing onto the floor. Even after all that, I had to still sit on the ground in my suit. The only question on my mind was, “What just happened?” Luckily, I have a relative who lives in the same city. I don’t know how but I found my way to her house. She asked if I was okay, and when I came to town. All I said was, “Michael and I broke up.

Can you get someone to go over there and pick up my stuff for me?” I was in so much shock that I could not even cry. The next morning, I went back to the workplace and accepted the job. I told them to transfer me to my home city. From there, I took a bus and headed home. The entire time, my phone was off. I didn’t want him to call me and confuse me with more lies.

All the tears I held back came flowing like a stream while I was on the journey home. I was sure my heart had broken into two perfect pieces. We built a relationship for four years only for it to be taken down by a single phone call. I changed my contacts and accommodation. Then I blocked him on all social media platforms. I was tempted to ask for explanations but I told myself it was not worth it.

It’s been ten years since that incident happened but I remain unmarried. I met very good guys in my life but none ever popped the question. He later got my contact somehow and tried to see me a couple of times but I refused to see him.

He calls and still apologizes for what he did all those years. He tries to explain that he didn’t mean to cheat. They were just workmates who ended up sleeping together. He was never in love with her, but every time he revisits the past, my pain is awakened and I tell him to stop. After all these years, I still ask myself if I will ever love someone the way I loved him. 

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