Man Left Sick Wife To Live With His Mistress – Years Later He Tries To Claim Inheritance And He got a Shock –
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Man Left Sick Wife To Live With His Mistress – Years Later He Tries To Claim Inheritance And He got a Shock

“It was a full summer day when Sarah arrived at the Grand venue for the evening wedding reception. The air was filled with anticipation and excitement as the guests started to arrive. As Sarah propetta began her duties, she noticed a familiar face among the crowd. Her hearts kept to beat when she saw her own husband James, dressed in a dashing suit, waiting near the altar. Sarah froze, unable to believe her eyes. Sarah wanted to believe he was only there as a guest and not as the groom, but she quickly realized he shouldn’t even be here at all. He had told her he was on a business trip for two months across the country, which she could now see was obviously a lie.

Pictures started to well up in her eyes as the realization hit her. She knew it wasn’t going exactly well with them for a couple of weeks, but she never expected this. She wanted to confront him, yell in his face, hell, smack him even, but she was there for work so she couldn’t. Sarah didn’t care anymore. As soon as the efficient asked if anybody objected to this marriage, she stepped forward. She had to confront him, and what she did shocked everyone. But what will she say to James? Did the bride know about his affair? And how will James react?

Sarah worked as a waitress at various events. She had worked during golf tournaments and business parties, but today would top them all because today she would work at her first wedding. And she had already seen the breathtaking venue. She couldn’t wait to see it in person, so she hardly got ready. Earlier this week, her work outfit had arrived. A tailor-made suit and tie paired with a beautiful white blouse. Never before had she worn such well-made clothes to work, and it had given her high expectations about the night. But she couldn’t get too excited; she was there to work, after all.

It was 6 a.m. in the morning when she woke up and got ready. She did her makeup and put her hair up. It would be a 45-minute drive to the venue, and she had to get there early to help set up. As she drove away, she couldn’t help but feel energized. She arrived at the venue 50 minutes later as there was a bit of traffic. She checked in with her manager and got to work. They had to set up the dining tables and help the florist arrange the flowers. It was all very chaotic, but it took Sarah back to her own wedding five years ago. She didn’t marry her husband James at a venue like this, though, but a little church in their childhood town. They didn’t have a lot of money, so only their family and close friends came, keeping it all cozy and small, unlike this lavish wedding with just by all the dining tables and at least 50 people, if not more.

Coming after working all morning, it was time for Sarah’s break. She was off duty for two or three hours to freshen up for the evening wedding, eat dinner, and have a bit of free time. She spent that time walking around the forest just behind the venue and returned right on time. Sarah returned to the venue, freshened up after the walk and with her belly full from dinner. The free time she had energized her for the long evening ahead. She would only have one short five-minute break somewhere during the evening, but knowing how these things go, she couldn’t count on it.

The guests started to arrive, so Sarah grabbed a tray with champagne and began doing her rounds. She greeted everyone with a smile and offered them a glass as a welcome from the bride and groom. When everyone had a glass, she returned to the kitchen for the next round. As she was doing her job, offering everyone a bite or a drink, Sarah began to notice some familiar faces. She had no idea what they were doing here, but she stayed away to avoid an awkward encounter.

But not long after, she saw a face she couldn’t ignore. It was her husband James. James was dressed in a suit fit for a groom. Sarah was taken aback by how comfortable he looked, chatting with everyone and seemingly having a good time. Sarah wanted to talk to him and tell him what a coincidence it was for them both to be here. But she was quickly awoken from her naive thinking. There was a reason for James to look like the groom. As Sarah watched him closely, she realized he was the groom.

Suddenly, Sarah’s excitement turned into confusion and shock. She stopped in her tracks and looked at her husband standing near the altar, waiting for his bride. Sarah couldn’t believe her eyes. Suddenly, she remembered his lies from earlier this week. He had told her he had to go on a business trip across the country for a few months. And to be honest, Sarah hadn’t minded being alone. It wasn’t going exactly great between them, but she had never expected this.

The air around her started to feel thick, and Sarah’s heart raced in her chest. She dropped her empty tray on the floor and rushed to the back to avoid being seen by James. There, she sat down and cried. It didn’t take long for her colleagues to notice, and one of them sat down beside her. “Are you okay?” a kind-looking young man asked her. He offered her a tissue and a glass of water. “Do you want me to finish a round for you?”

Sarah looked up. It was kind of him to offer, but she knew she had to stay professional. She couldn’t afford to lose this job, especially now. “I’m okay,” she said, wiping away her tears. “I recognized someone, my husband actually. He’s here as the groom.”

Sarah had no idea why she was telling the stranger about her personal life, but he seemed trustworthy. “Oh damn,” Dax exclaimed. “That’s totally screwed up.” Sarah chuckled. James wasn’t a swear, and neither was she, but those words seemed to sum up this situation perfectly. She thanked Dax for his kind words and pulled herself together again. There was only one way she would survive the day, and it wasn’t going to be easy. She grabbed a tray with bites and squeezed through the crowd, smiling through the pain. It didn’t take long for her to reach James. She smiled and looked into his eyes with a deadly gaze as she offered him a bite.

The shock and disbelief he tried to hide made Sarah feel a bit better, but it wasn’t enough. Her sadness and pain made room for anger and a need for revenge. How did he think he could get away with this? How could he even marry someone while still being legally married to someone else? Did he really think she wouldn’t find out, or was he simply going to dump her when he returned?

Gradually, Sarah’s mind filled up with rage. Her heart started beating faster and faster, and her palms got sweaty. She wanted to punch someone in the face, which was clearly noticeable because Dax came running towards her and grabbed her by her arm. “Don’t do it,” he said, but it was too late. Sarah’s mind was made up. She had to confront her so-called husband right here, right now, in front of everyone, including his bride.

But just as she made her way towards him, the organ started playing, and everyone was ordered to take their seats. Sarah had returned to the kitchen, still raging with anger. Sarah returned to the kitchen, but as she entered, she was met with an angry manager. “What were you doing out there, Sarah?” She composed herself. She had to make her manager believe she was just going to offer the groom a glass of water for his nerves.

Luckily, the manager believed her, and she wasn’t escorted off the premises, not yet at least. Because what she was planning to do would definitely get her kicked out of the wedding if it were to proceed afterward, of course. But she had to wait for the perfect moment. It felt like torture during the wedding. The staff was ordered to stand at the back of the church and watch. Dax checked on Sarah every few minutes, but she was amazing at hiding her pain. She stood there, holding her poker face, while watching her husband getting married to someone else.

Sarah felt sick to her stomach. Questions raced through her head as she watched the happy smiles on the bride and guests’ faces. How long was this facade going to go on? She couldn’t believe she never noticed anything before. And to make it worse, James was having the wedding they always dreamed of without her.

She thought back to the past few months. James had to work late more and more, and he wasn’t as affectionate as he used to be. But to marry someone, you have to have had a relationship for longer than just a few months, right? This affair had to be going on for years now. Maybe. Sarah felt her eyes fill up with tears at that thought.

This would have been her dream wedding, and James knew it. How could he be so heartless? She felt anger returning with force just as James looked her way. He made eye contact with her, but Sarah held her poker face. She could see he looked sad and confused. Maybe he felt sorry for Sarah, but Sarah didn’t care anymore. He had dug his own grave, and now he had to lie in it. Suddenly, Dax shuffled towards her and touched her arm. “Whatever you’re planning to do, don’t,” he whispered silently. But Sarah knew what had to be done.

She looked at the people in the crowd. She could only see the back of their heads, but she could easily pick out some people she knew. It actually surprised her to see so many people she knew attending this wedding, even though they must know he was still married to her.

She saw James’s family and even some of their mutual friends. She hadn’t seen them when she served drinks and bites earlier tonight, but she figured they must have arrived later. She couldn’t believe they would attend this wedding if they still believed he was married to her. Did he lie to them too?

This was just too much for Sarah to handle. The rage inside her was only growing stronger and stronger as she thought about how screwed up this situation was. At the same time, she noticed her manager keeping a close eye on her. She felt like all the walls were closing in on her, and then the perfect opportunity arose.

The officiant asked the room if anyone objected to this marriage. James desperately looked at Sarah, and she could feel Dax grab her wrist. They clearly thought that she would just jump up and have a mental breakdown. But Sarah was trying to control herself, something she would fail to do because when the officiant then heard someone objecting, he proceeded by asking the bride and groom to kiss.

Sarah couldn’t let that happen. No. She screamed. Her scream echoed through the church, and every single one of the guests turned around in shock. “But you really just do that?” Sarah froze. She inspected everyone’s faces.

The bride looked shocked and confused. James looked the same but also a bit guilty. The guests’ faces looked shocked and confused too, but the people who knew Sarah were the most shocked. Before she took a step forward, which felt like the right thing to do, she had a plan in her head. But the plan flew out of the window as soon as she so bluntly yelled, “No!” through the church.

Sarah had to really think about what she was going to say, but she didn’t have much time. Everyone looked at her impatiently, so she just took another step forward. She slowly walked down the aisle toward the couple at the altar. “Hello, James,” she said as she reached them. James looked at Sarah with a sad expression. “Sarah, what are you doing here?” he quietly asked her. The bride was confused by this. “You know her?” she exclaimed.

Sarah could see her scowl expression. James sighed. He took Sarah by the arm and led her out a little side door. “What do you think you’re doing?” James’s sister? “What do you think I’m doing?” she said in an angry tone. “You’re here, marrying some other woman while still being married to me.

How is this my fault?” Sarah couldn’t believe what she was hearing. James was really trying to tell her he was innocent. More people were now gathering around them— the bride and some of Sarah’s and James’s mutual friends all looked worriedly at them.

Sarah felt bad to involve everyone in such a painful situation, but at least now they knew what kind of man James was—one who couldn’t be trusted. But Sarah wasn’t done yet. Now that James had reacted in such a way, her worries for his well-being were gone. Initially, she wanted to do this in a civilized way, but he left her no choice. She was going to reveal James’s biggest secret, and after all, no one would want to be close to him, or so she hoped.

He turned to face the bride. “I’m sorry you had to find out this way, but James is already married,” Sarah carefully said. “And that’s not the only thing. There is something that only I know about James, and, well, you need to know too if you were going to marry him.

” Sarah watched as James’s expression swiftly changed. “Sarah, what are you doing?” James asked again, this time with a pinch of despair in his voice. He clearly knew what Sarah was going to talk about. This made Sarah feel superior and had something she could destroy him with. And boy, she used it.

“Sarah, please,” someone said. Sarah turned around and saw James’s mother walking her way. Sarah’s eyes immediately filled with tears. She realized her betrayal hurt even more than James’s. She had always loved James’s parents and thought she had a special connection with his mother, especially as Sarah had lost her own mother at a very young age.

James’s mother took both of Sarah’s hands and looked her in the eye. “Sarah, my dear, what are you doing here?” Sarah began to cry. Why was everyone acting as if it was her fault to be here? Why was no one seeing how screwed up it was that James was marrying someone else? “I’m here for work,” she eventually said, but why did that matter? Why was she even here? Did James tell you we are separated because that’s a lie?” She cried. This whole situation felt surreal. She prayed in her head to be woken up from this horrible dream, but this was no dream.

Suddenly, the bride interrupted Sarah. “I’m so sorry. My name is Lily. You were going to say something about one of James’s secrets. I’m really curious now, so please tell me.” Sarah hesitated. Well, she seemed like a nice woman, and she didn’t know that James was still married. Or that was what she wanted Sarah to believe.

But was she really going to ruin James’s next relationship? Sarah chuckled. What was she thinking? Of course, she wanted to ruin his next relationship. Well, Sarah began, “You see, when I first met James, he was in the right state of mind—”

James exclaimed again, but Sarah continued, “So one morning, I walked downstairs after James failed to come home and found him naked on the couch with a pie—””Sarah, stop!” he yelled. “We’re not even married anymore.” Sarah’s heart pounded in her chest, and she felt like she couldn’t breathe anymore. Her hand got sweaty, and everyone suddenly stood way too close for comfort. Her mind filled with faint memories she hadn’t had this morning. Was she going insane? Reality slipped away from her as she listened to James’s mother. “You and James are divorced now.”

No, Sarah thought. This can’t be happening. I saw James last week, didn’t I? Sarah listened to me,” James’s mother continued. Sarah couldn’t speak. She looked at everyone’s face and suddenly stopped at Dax’s face. Dax looked very worried. Sarah couldn’t take it. Everyone looked worried and sorry for her. Was James’s mother telling her the truth? Sarah closed her eyes and tried to remember, but she couldn’t make anything out of the scrambled memory she had. She remembered James being in her house just a week ago, but did that actually happen? Suddenly, Sarah felt her body getting heavy. Her stomach dropped to the ground as a realization hit her.

They were right. James and her were divorced. She started to cry, her tears dropping onto the floor like rain. She dropped to her knees, her emotions taking over. All she could do was cry. Nobody knew what to do in this situation. James’s mother crouched down beside her and wrapped her arm around Sarah. “Let’s get you some water,” she said as she slowly helped Sarah get up. They slowly walked her toward the kitchen and sat down together at a table.

“Please, Connie, tell me what’s going on. I feel like I’m going insane,” Sarah said. “It’s very difficult to understand, so you have to be calm. First, I need you to fully focus on what I’m going to tell you.” Today, James deserves to move on, and so do you, Sarah nodded. She took a deep breath and a sip of water and listened to Connie.

“Last year, you had a nervous breakdown. It was too much for James to handle on his own, so he had to send you away.” The story would be very painful for Sarah to hear, so she wanted to tell it as slowly and carefully as she could. She continued, “During your time away, James met Lily. They hit it off right away, and even though it was a horrible thing for James to do, they started seeing each other. James couldn’t bear the thought of cheating on you, so he’d have forced you while you were still institutionalized.”

Slowly, Sarah’s memories returned. She began to cry as she listened to Connie telling her these bizarre things. We think you can’t cope with the fact that you lost the love of your life, so your brain blocks it away and makes you believe that you’re still the happy couple that you were a year ago. Sarah’s mind cleared, and she could now remember what Connie was talking about. All this time, she had been living a lie. Every time she told her friends about something James had done in the past, they would stay silent. And now Sarah knew why.

Why didn’t they just tell her? Connie saw her confused look. “We tried to tell you, reason with you, but you wouldn’t listen. Every time we talked to you about this, you shut down, zoning out, not really listening. It’s a delicate thing to deal with, and frankly, we had no idea how to deal with it.”

So, how will she ever pick up her life from here? She had to get help; that was certain. But how could she trust the memories she had? Were every one of them made up, or were some real? She wanted to go home immediately. All she wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry. So, Connie brought her home. She stayed with her as she cried her eyes out and did her best to comfort her through this tough time.

Sarah eventually cried herself to sleep, and Connie cooked dinner for her to freeze. After that, Connie wrote down the number of a good therapist and left. Sarah eventually managed to get her life back on track. She started seeing a therapist, and together, they dove into the memories she had. Picking apart the wrong James’s wedding didn’t proceed after Sarah’s breakdown, but he did marry Lily a year later. Would Sarah even attend the wedding?

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