Man Pretends to Be a Royal Family Member, but the Truth Prevails – Story of the Day –
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Man Pretends to Be a Royal Family Member, but the Truth Prevails – Story of the Day

The cunning man pretended to be a royal family member to seduce women. His plan worked perfectly until he went on a date with a journalist who revealed his secret and originally punished him for lying.

Arthur Mahogany, an administrator in one of the city’s most elite hotels, was a charming young man known for his intelligence. He knew women found him attractive and used his looks to lure them.

He was a Casanova who liked short-term engagements, flings, and one-night stands. Often, he fabricated stories to seduce women while entertaining himself. Most recently, his ploy to attract women went overboard as he disguised himself as royalty.

Arthur began introducing himself as Arthur Windsor and displayed a fake English accent when he met women. During dates, he would wear his glasses and claim that he could not take them off. Otherwise, journalists would recognize him.

When the women get intrigued, he would reveal that his real name was Arthur Windsor, a bachelor included on the list of contenders for the British throne. He also claimed that he often visited the United States on business and was hunted by the media.

Although some women did not immediately believe his story, they would be persuaded as soon as he invited them to dinner at the hotel’s presidential suite. As an employee, Arthur knew that the suite was empty 360 days in a year.

He would sneak women in for dinner, and if lucky, he spent the night with his dates. Women were often stunned once they saw the elegant table set up with expensive food that greeted them in the room

Of course, Arthur only stole the dishes from the hotel restaurant and paid off some cleaners to keep quiet. During dinner, he would show women his photos with the Queen and other royal family members.

Because of his access to the presidential suite and expensive cuisines, they did not doubt the photos. Arthur was most pleased with his new scheme until he met Anna, a reporter for the local newspaper

Like other women, Anna was led to the man’s cunning trick, but little did Arthur know that she focused on royal news reports. A few days after meeting him, she was assigned an article about the royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

While searching for a photo of the royals, Anna accidentally stumbled upon the same image that Arthur showed her. She immediately recognized it and was shocked to see that Arthur’s supposed face was the head of a different man.

Anna decided to look for more pictures and saw all the other photos Arthur photoshopped himself into. Then, she realized that Arthur fooled her into believing that he was a royal family member.

The woman decided to look into the matter and search for a list of contenders to the throne. As expected, Arthur was not on the list, nor was he on any list of the family bloodline.

The following day, Anna went to the hotel reception and asked if Arthur Windsor was checked in the presidential suite. Although the receptionist could not disclose guest details, she said that the presidential suite had been empty for weeks.

Anna walked around the hotel lobby, angry and upset until she saw a staff list with their respective photos by the reception table. The first man she saw was Arthur with the last name Mahogany

Anna did not return Arthur’s messages, although he did not quite wonder why. Then, a few days later, he was shocked to see her article in the local newspaper, titled “Fake Prince seduces women in our city,” by Anna Corner.

Arthur was so embarrassed to be the talk of the town, and to make matters worse; he was fired by the hotel owner for abuse of office. He has since moved to a different city to start a new and honest life.

What can we learn from Arthur’s story?

Always be honest with who you are.

2. The truth will find its way out.

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