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Man Kicks Aunt and Her 5-Year-Old Son Out of His House After What Happened

Working amidst the pandemic has never been a problem for Daniel as he works remotely from his two-bedroom apartment in Chicago. Although no longer living with his parents, he regularly keeps in touch and updates them from time to time.

He also has relatives nearby, a 35-year-old aunt, Trixie, her husband, and their five-year-old son, Gary, living about two hours away from his home. However, they don’t talk or get together as often.


Trixie and her husband have not been on the best of terms for a while now, and being stuck at home amid the pandemic only made it worse. While it’s great that the two don’t fight, it’s sad that they barely talk to each other either.

No one ever wanted to talk about the elephant in the room, so they simply co-existed and remained loyal to and respectful to each other. However, about a month ago, Trixie caught her husband watching videos of women dancing on his phone.


It was certainly R-rated content as Trixie grabbed the phone and threw it on the pavement outside their home. The situation did not even merit an argument; instead, she packed her bags and took Gary with her.


Trixie and Gary stayed in a hotel for a while, but as she noticed that her bill was increasing, she decided to call Daniel and asked if she could stay for a few days until they could find their own place.

Trixie would have gone to her parents’ home, but they lived in a faraway state. Meanwhile, she was not on speaking terms with Daniel’s parents because of an argument that was never resolved. With nowhere to go, she decided to stay with her nephew.

Daniel was not as close to his aunt, but at the same time, he did not have any problems with her. As part of the family, he allowed Trixie and Gary to stay in one of the bedrooms without meddling in her personal life and relationship problems.



The second bedroom was initially Daniel’s plant room. He grew up fond of taking care of plants instead of having pets. His most prized possession was his over 20-year-old Bonsai tree, which his father gave when he was born.

Daniel’s father was a big fan of “The Karate Kid” franchise and even named his son after the main character, Daniel LaRusso. The film also featured a Bonsai tree as a significant part of the story, representing inner peace and life.

When Daniel’s father learned that his mom was pregnant with him, the doting dad grew the Bonsai himself, making it of significant value. However, Daniel had to move his out plants to accommodate his aunt and Gary.



He moved most of his plants around the house, spreading them across the living room and dining area, but the Bonsai stayed in his room. A month had already passed, and Trixie was still living in Daniel’s home.

All was well until his cousin grew a fascination with the Bonsai. Initially, Daniel was happy to see his cousin interested in the same tree he so loved and even told the little one about the Bonsai’s history.

Whenever Daniel would water and trim the tree, Gary would watch without asking any questions. While Daniel was okay with it, he made sure to tell Gary not to touch the potted tree as it was of significant value.


One morning, while Daniel was making breakfast, he heard something break from inside his room. After running to see what happened, he found the Bonsai on the floor with broken pieces of the vase where it once was.


Gary entered the room and reached for the tree, knocking it on the floor. He began to cry, claiming the vase hit his foot before breaking into pieces. Trixie soon came in and tended to her son, who claimed his foot hurt when the tree fell on it.

She was furious and began shouting at Daniel for prioritizing the tree over her son’s bruised foot, adding that the door should have been locked. Trixie claimed that she would cut the Bonsai to pieces when she returned from the hospital to see if Gary’s foot was alright.


Meanwhile, Daniel tried to save what was left of his Bonsai, which was eventually okay. When Trixie returned, Daniel asked her to leave because she rudely shouted at him without apologizing for what her son did without showing any signs of gratitude.


Trixie was, again, furious and began calling her nephew names for choosing his “precious Bonsai” over family and did not show any remorse at overstaying her welcome for over a month.

Daniel said that his aunt could go back to their home and make amends with her husband if she did not want to find her own place. Trixie immediately left while uttering more hurtful words toward her nephew.

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