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She Read Her Husband’s Messages And Decided to Talk to His Mistress, But When She Opened The Door

Megan started this strange conversation a few days before Christmas when her unexpecting husband returned home from work.

“Megan asked with an emphasis on the last words, “Robert, some woman called you. Is there anything you want to tell me?”

“What does that have to do with me?” the man replied, making every effort to make his voice sound casual and natural.

Megan breathed a sigh of relief, although she felt that her husband wasn’t completely honest with her. The problem was that Robert had been acting very strange lately. He started staying late at work for no good reason and even set a password on his phone.

At the same time, Robert started acting cold and distant towards Megan, as if his wife had done something very wrong. Having lived with her husband for about nine years, Megan knew him like the back of her hand, and of course, she knew when he was lying.

Megan was also worried because they had a daughter, Christina, who just turned eight years old. Sure, they’ve had some rough patches in their marriage. They had fights when they ended up not talking to each other for hours, and they’d even break a few dishes in the heat of the moment, but they always made up and never held a grudge against each other.

And now, for the first time in years, Megan saw her husband being completely indifferent towards her and their family as a whole. Her friends at work all insisted that her husband was probably having an affair.

“No, Robert isn’t like that. He’s just having a rough time at work. The stress is getting to him,” said Megan, trying to convince her friends as well as herself.

But when Robert started coming up with various excuses and virtually stopped spending his nights at home, Megan realized that there must have been some truth to the words of her friends.

Of course, Megan wasn’t ready for the possibility of getting divorced, the worst-case scenario. She could imagine Robert leaving the family for a week or so, taking a break, and having satiated his wild side, he’d return to his family. Megan would, of course, start an argument and make sure to show her jealousy. Maybe she’d even break some dishes to intensify the effect. And then, when her husband would apologize enough, she would forgive him, and eventually, things would go back to normal.

Deciding that she needed hard evidence to accuse her husband of infidelity, Megan started checking his phone calls and messages. And that’s when she realized how thoroughly her husband cleaned up his phone memory. There was virtually no information on his phone.

“I don’t think he just likes his phone this way. Robert is hiding something from me,” Megan thought, wondering if eventually her husband would make a mistake, and she’d be able to catch him red-handed.

In order to find out who Robert talked to the most, Megan requested a printout of all his calls and messages. To get it, Megan asked her old friend for help. They went to school together and sat at the same desk for years. This friend worked as a mobile network operator and had access to subscriber databases. Therefore, when Megan had her husband’s most called numbers in her hands, the first thing she did was try calling it.

Megan wasn’t surprised when a woman picked up the phone. She prepared herself for the scenario. Nevertheless, Megan had a hard time pulling herself together before she made an appointment with the stranger.

“Okay, we can meet, but it would be better if you came to me,” the voice on the other end of the line answered.

Megan’s heart was pounding, and her knees were trembling on her way to the meeting. Approaching the door, she stopped for a moment and then pulled herself together and rang the doorbell.

Megan had to wait at least two minutes before the door finally opened. Imagine her surprise when, on the other side of the door, she saw a woman in a wheelchair.

“Is this really Robert’s mistress?” thought Megan meticulously examining her potential rival from head to toe.

The silent scene lasted for several seconds before the alleged mistress asked, “So, what are you going to do? Just stand in the door, or will you come inside?” The stranger asked, giving Megan an unfriendly look. She looked several years older than the guest and clearly wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the city.

“Before I come in, I’d like to know what’s your relationship with my husband?” Megan asked, having a hard time keeping her voice calm.

The stranger smiled knowingly and said, “Well, to start off, my name is Ashley. Robert and I love each other and intend to be together. Also, I am pregnant with this child. Don’t mind the wheelchair; it’s just a temporary injury. I fell on the steps when I slipped on the ice,” Ashley answered, looking defiantly into Megan’s eyes.

Hearing her words, Megan barely managed to keep a straight face, but her hands started trembling treacherously. Not knowing what to say next, Megan said goodbye, turned around, and went home. Although she could barely stand on her feet now, the woman knew everything. Robert betrayed me with this old woman, but why? What did I ever do to him? Megan thought as tears started flowing down her face.

Now that she had all the information, all that Megan could do was talk to her husband who continued to act as if nothing had happened.

“Robert, what does this mean? Why didn’t you tell me you had another family?” Megan asked, being as straightforward as possible.

“What was I supposed to tell you? Yes, I love another woman, so what? I’m a free man, and I have the right to do what I want,” Robert replied, deciding to put a stop to this conversation.

“And what about Christina? Have you even thought about your daughter? How was she supposed to live with this?” Megan exclaimed, having a hard time holding back her tears.

“What about Christina? I’ll help when I can. She’ll understand everything when she grows up,” Robert retorted and began to pack his stuff, intending to go to Ashley’s place.

For the first time in their nine years of marriage, Megan realized that there was nothing she could do to get her husband to stay. He was leaving her for another woman. Robert left the family that very evening. All he took was a bag with his personal belongings.

Megan couldn’t help but notice him gloating, and a look of triumph on his face caused by the sense of superiority over his humiliated wife.

The unfortunate woman spent the night crying, cursing her fate for having met Robert, who turned out to be a cheating liar. Now, the days dragged on endlessly for Megan. They were full of suffering and regret over all the years she wasted on Robert.

But time passed, and when it was about three months since the separation, Megan suddenly realized that strange things had been happening to her body. At first, the woman thought that it was just a hormonal imbalance caused by stress. But when Megan decided to get a pregnancy test, and it turned out positive, it became clear that she’d have to become a mother once again.

Unfortunately, when the woman broke up with Robert, she had no idea that she was having his child. “What am I supposed to do now?” Megan thought, wiping away her tears.

Finally exhausted by trying to figure out what to do, the woman decided to go to Robert and tell him everything.

“We’re not complete strangers after all. We’ll figure something out,” Megan said, examining her reflection in the mirror, thinking that it was the right decision.

Megan hurried to Ashley’s house as if she had wings behind her back. But when Robert opened the door with an annoyed look on his face and asked her why she came, Megan felt very discouraged.

“So, what do you want from me? I don’t mind supporting the baby as long as it’s mine, of course. So come over after you give birth, and don’t forget to have a paternity test done first. And now I have to go; we have many things planned for today,” Robert said after listening to his ex-wife’s story.

Megan stood there and wept quietly, staring at the door that Robert had just closed right in her face. The unfortunate woman didn’t expect Robert to act this way; he just left her to deal with the pregnancy and their daughter all on her own.

The first thing Megan did when she got home was throw out all the pictures of her ex-husband. She wanted him out of her life and her memory. It wasn’t an easy decision for Megan to make, but she knew that it was the only right choice. She wouldn’t be able to move on otherwise.

It’s hard to even imagine what the abandoned pregnant woman had to go through before she was able to get some peace of mind and self-confidence. The remaining six months before the birth flew by quickly. Megan didn’t even have time to come to her senses as she became the mother of two: her eight-year-old child, Christina, and her newborn son, Jacob.

The joy of motherhood had a positive effect on the state of mind of the newly single woman who decided to devote her life to her children.

One day, returning from a walk with the then one-year-old Jacob, Megan saw a familiar silhouette at the door of her house.

“Robert, what are you doing here?” the woman asked in surprise, continuing to push the stroller.

“Well, we need to talk. Basically, I’m ready to come home,” Robert blurted out, looking hopefully into the eyes of his ex-wife.

“But I’m not ready to take you back, and I won’t ever be. Just forget about us. You made your choice, and I accepted it. What is there to talk about?” Megan answered in an indifferent tone and opened the front door.

“Wait, you can’t do this to me!” exclaimed Robert, but the woman had already pushed the stroller into the house and slammed the door in his face.

As it turned out later, Ashley had been deceiving Robert from day one. Apparently, she even faked her back injury to make Robert feel sorry for her and convince him to leave his wife and move in with her.

But that wasn’t all. The main news was that Robert wasn’t actually the father of Ashley’s child. The real father turned up right after she gave birth and claimed his paternal rights.

Having now lost both women in his life, Robert stood at the closed door, trying to come to terms with the fact that he lost his last chance to start over.

Finally pulling himself together, Robert wandered off to the bus stop, intending to get out of the city where his personal life was definitely ruined forever.

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