Lady In Shame After Cooking Watery Egusi Soup And She Added Garri To Make It Fold (Video)

A Hilarious video footage is currently making rounds on the social media showing the moment a man caught his girlfriend struggling to cook Egusi .

In the footage, the man walked in to the kitchen met her girlfriend cooking and he asked her if she went to the market all alone to buy this food items? She then respond yes, however the man notice something about the Egusi and he requested that she open the pot for him to see, but the lady was so reluctant to his request and the boy insisted to see the Egusi soup, lol and behold when the lady opened the pot it was filled with excess water,.

The Boy then asked why is the Egusi not fold by watery, the lady said maybe it is because of the oil and she added garri to the soup to make it fold. You Can Watch Video Here

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