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Lady Dumps Her Boyfriend After He Refused to Give Her N10million For a Solo Vacation

In a surprising breakup, a woman ended her relationship with her boyfriend after a heated conversation. The argument started when the woman asked for a large sum of N10 million to go on a vacation, but her boyfriend couldn’t give her the money.

According to their chat on WhatsApp, the woman boldly requested the huge amount for her dream vacation. However, her boyfriend honestly told her that he didn’t have that much money. Upset, the woman called him mean and accused him of not doing his duty as her boyfriend. She believed it was his responsibility to provide the money for her vacation, especially since her friends had already gone on trips.


The boyfriend, on the other hand, insisted on investing the money in his business instead of spending it on a fancy vacation. He reassured her that when they got married, they would have more opportunities to go on trips together. However, the woman stood firm and said she would end the relationship because he couldn’t give her the money she wanted. She even mentioned having other guys who were willing to give her the cash.

Read Their whatsapp Conversation below:

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