Lady Calls out a UK-based Nigerian Boyfriend For Absconding with a Part of Her Master’s Degree Fees, Over N11m, She Lent Him For a Business –
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Lady Calls out a UK-based Nigerian Boyfriend For Absconding with a Part of Her Master’s Degree Fees, Over N11m, She Lent Him For a Business

Lady has spoken out against a Nigerian man living in the UK, claiming that he disappeared with more than N11 million she had lent him. The money was meant to help her pay for her master’s degree fees, but now she’s facing financial trouble and uncertainty about her education.

According to her:

Hi Twitter,It’s been 3 days since I gave

@kingt0lu an ultimatum to reach out on how he intends to pay me back the money he owes me and he has failed to do so, this has left me with no other option than to post my story and let the world know the kind of terrible human he is.


I met @kingt0lu about 7-8years ago on the streets of Twitter if I am not mistaken, we got talking, it almost led to something but it never worked out. It was mostly an off and off thing up until the beginning of 2021 when he began professing his love for me and I decide to give t a try but it was always countless fights and still never worked out.

We kept been good friends still.Then fast forward to sometime in December 2021, when he was complaining bitterly about how he had to renew his 21/2 years residency in the UK which was about £2k and he has given his brother Tobi most of the money he had as wedding contribution as he was getting married in a few weeks. I asked for his PayPal Acct, sent him $2k and he received about £1400 in his UK Acct. This was out of the goodwill of my heart as I had enough money to support someone I’ve known for a while. He thanked me saying how in his entire life a woman hasn’t helped him before .

Fast forward to April 2022, we were on a call as per usual and he made mention of how he was in Nigeria a month earlier but it was a short business trip hence why he couldn’t reach out . Out of curiosity I asked him what business it was, he hesitated at first and then decided to spill . He made mention of how a male nurse in the UK usually pays them £1k for coming to Nigeria to get boxes of cigarettes to bring back to the UK to sell. All the nurse has to do is pay your flight ,accommodation and feeding, you fly into Nigeria with 3 empty boxes and his cigarette plug in Nigeria would send his boys to deliver the (cigarettes) After that you’ll go to the airport,your boxes would be cleared & you fly, then I asked him “is this business safe? Is it legit?” And then he goes “Yes”.

He further made mention of how the nurse sends over 10 people to Nigeria in a week to bring in cigarettes and there’s no issue or whatsoever. I didn’t see any reason to question him any further as smoking cigarettes is legal both in Nigeria and in the UK. I’m like fair enough. Then he goes “can I borrow him some money?” He’s financially strained now and would want to make money from a Side hustle as his mom was ill and as the 2nd of three boys he has to support one way or the other .


Then I asked him how much he would like to borrow ,he said he doesn’t know the exact figures yet. All I need to do is pay for his flight,accommodation ,feeding and the cigarettes he’s coming to buy after which I’ll do the calculations and send to him in order for him to know how much he’s gonna pay me back. He made mention of how there’s a particular brand of cigarettes that people are buying and he would want to purchase that exact type so he can quickly sell off and pay me back within a week. I said fine, sounds like a plan!

I obliged, paid for the necessary things and he flew into nigeria on the 23/04/2022. The next day he asked me to send some money to the guy who sells the cigarettes , I did and they delivered .

I sent him the entire bill of what I sent to the accounts he asked me to and it totaled to about N4,796,000, he assured me I would get back my money as soon as he got back to the UK. A few days later he flew back to the UK and I asked him how far with the goods, hasn’t he sold


them When is he going to pay me back? As that money was part of my fees for my in the UK, and then he goes “he hasn’t gotten who would buy it but as soon as he does he would send back my funds ASAP” I said okay “no worries”.

I didn’t want to put pressure on him as I knew what he was going through .

Fast forward to sometime early May again, he reached out to me and made mention of how they’re some Europeans in the UK who are interested in buying Benson and Hedges cigarettes as the brand is scarce in the UK and he would love to come to nigeria to get some so he could sell to them to make cool cash But the problem he has now is capital . Would I be interested in investing my money again? I then said to him, how do I invest my money again when I haven’t gotten back the previous one? He then said I know how the market can be sometimes, he’s promising me that this one won’t be like the previous time and he would pay every dime he owes me. Then I said “no worries, take your time and pay back when you have”.


He was like if he’s coming back this time around he would want to look for someone to come with so it can be 6 suitcases in total and with that the profit would be sufficient and he would give me part of it. All I needed to do was pay the person £1k when they get back to the UK which I should add to the bill. I agreed and we fixed the day he will be coming back to nigeria.

I did all the necessary things per usual lol ( like jazz) and he flew in with a woman lol but I never met her because I didn’t have any business with her. I sent money to the accounts he asked me to, he flew back to the Uk and had me send the £1k to the woman separately.

I sent him the total of the money I sent to the accounts and it was about N6,444,000. Mind you I didn’t include the miscellaneous expenses in the bill.After he left I asked how far it went and this unfortunate thief @kingt0lu said to me that there’s a lot of people coming into Nigeria to buy cigarettes now and as such the Europeans are not pricing it well so he’ll wait a bit (Again).


I told him to sell it and give me back my capital as I needed my funds to pay my fees which was about £22,000 because time was running out. All I kept hearing from then on were lies and several excuses about how his older brother and his family moved to back to the UK from US.

They were staying at his house until his brother gets a job, how it hasn’t been easy on him financially bla bla bla. Days turned into months and I didn’t get any positive reply about my money.

There was a time I tried reaching out to @kingt0lu and couldn’t get across then I went through his IG and found his brother TOBIs handle, I reached out to him, I explained who I was saying I was Tolu’s “FRIEND” and Tolu was owing me bla bla bla .


The brother said he didn’t know me as Tolu never spoke about me but he knows that his brother is owing someone money ( in my mind I’m like na me dey claim person wey no claim me).

He then went ahead to say he would speak to his brother and make sure he pays me (I thanked him as I thought I was going to get back my money soon lmao). A few days later I tried to reach out to his brother tobi on ig and realized he blocked me lmao ( birds of a feather)

After sometime Tolu reached out to me explaining how he was arrested and he would have mentioned my name when the cops asked him where he got the money (clown). I’m like “do you work for me”? “Did I send you to do the business”?

“Wasn’t I on my own jejely when you came to tell me about the cigarette business”? And how you would want me to borrow you money to do it? Even after I had asked you severally if the business was safe or not

He said he was arrested and the cigarettes he bought plus the other ones he kept at his house were seized LMAO!!! I sha gave him my piece of mind and he went ahead to say he can actually block me and pay me back my money when he has it , I said DO IT & he did it .

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