Mommy Doesn’t Wake up All Day’ Crying Girl Calls 911, cops discover horrific situation at her home –
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Mommy Doesn’t Wake up All Day’ Crying Girl Calls 911, cops discover horrific situation at her home

A female cop in her team set out searching for a little girl who calls 9-1-1 and says her mommy’s not waking up. Circumstances take a horrific turn when the officer barges into her house that evening.

Officers were busier than usual at the police station that day, investigating a murder. All the helplines were busy with calls routed to various emergencies from all over the city. Then there was a strange call from a little girl.

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?” the dispatcher answered, an eerie silence sprawling in the background followed by a loud wheezing sound on the receiver. “I’m hungry, mommy doesn’t wake up all day,” a little girl spoke as she burst into tears.

“Where are you?” “I don’t know. Mommy told me to call 9-1-1 if I’m in trouble,” the girl said, sounding terrified.

The dispatcher pressed the girl for more details about her location. “Calm down, and what’s your name?” “Maggie.” “Maggie, can you tell me your address?” After a grave silence, Maggie gave the dispatcher her earlier address, but she didn’t know where she currently was.

“Maggie, can you tell me about your current location? Can you describe it?” Although the little girl didn’t know the exact address, she was able to give the officer visual clues to her current location. “I can see big gray houses outside, there’s a big angry dog barking outside, there are trees and a broken gate outside.”

“Alright, Maggie, stay where you are. We’re sending help right away.” The details were then passed on to Officer Nancy (34) and her team. They immediately left in search of the girl and arrived at the first address she’d given. The cops searched the area but found details that didn’t match the girl’s description.

Nancy knocked on the door, but nobody answered. She peered into the glass window and saw it was dark and dusty inside, appearing unlived in for a very long time.

Nancy checked with the neighbors and learned about the previous residents – a family of three. Mr. Jakes had died in an accident six months ago, leaving his wife and daughter Maggie in poverty. The landlord evicted them for non-payment of rent. A neighbor mentioned seeing them in an impoverished area 12 miles away.

Nancy followed the clues and arrived in the area, which was out of electricity and getting darker. “Hush, one second,” Nancy silenced a fellow officer upon hearing a faint dog barking in the distance. The sound matched the description Maggie had given about a constantly barking dog near her location.

The team followed the sound to a small shabby house. Nancy turned on her flashlight to get a clear view and noticed a silhouette of someone near the window. Upon closer inspection, she saw a little girl crying and waving for help.

A stray dog barked outside and charged towards the cops. Nancy threw a pebble to scare it away and then kicked the door open, entering the house without knowing what else was inside. Nancy comforted Maggie and realized she was hungry and tired. “Mommy doesn’t wake up,” Maggie said.

Nancy carried Maggie outside and put her in the car, instructing her team to give her some biscuits, and then went back inside to search for Maggie’s mother. Nancy searched for the woman everywhere in the house but couldn’t find her.

As she looked around, she found a doorway leading to the basement. Inside, she found Maggie’s mother lying unconscious on the floor. Nancy touched the woman, only to find her cold body. She alerted medics and social services and stayed with Maggie until help arrived.

Afterward, an ambulance came to take Maggie’s mother’s body for an autopsy. Nancy decided to take Maggie home that night instead of leaving her at a foster home. At home, Nancy explained everything to her husband Jacob, including her wish to adopt Maggie.

Jacob agreed to the adoption, realizing that Maggie had brought joy and a sense of completeness to their lives. A few months later, Jacob and Nancy adopted Maggie, celebrating their joy with friends and family. Jacob raised a toast to their new family of four, revealing Nancy’s pregnancy. Tears of joy filled the room as they embraced their newfound happiness as a family.

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