Kind Man Paid Entire Bill After Hearing Young Man Worked To Buy His School Supplies So Mom Didn’t Have To –
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Kind Man Paid Entire Bill After Hearing Young Man Worked To Buy His School Supplies So Mom Didn’t Have To

After overhearing a young student tell the cashier how he had worked all summer to help his mother, a kind man stepped forward and decided to pay his entire bill.

Keri Miller was shopping with her husband, Alan, at a Walmart in Georgia, and while they were in line, they overheard a young man in front of them in the checkout line talking with the cashier.

“My husband isn’t going to be happy I’m posting this. Tonight, we were at Walmart and as we were checking out, we overheard this young guy’s conversation with the cashier,” Keri shared in a post online.

They could see that the young man had all of his school supplies on the checkout conveyor belt, and he seemed to be having a friendly conversation with a young cashier. He told the cashier that he had worked all summer long and told his mom that he would buy his own school supplies so that she didn’t have to.

He said, ‘I worked all summer long. So, I told my mom she didn’t have to spend a dime on my school supplies this year.’”

Alan’s heart was moved, not only from interpreting that the younger man’s mother likely needed help sending him to school, but also because this young man standing in front of them had worked his whole summer to help lighten her load. Alan decided to step forward and be a blessing to him by paying for his entire checkout bill.

“Next thing I know my husband is shaking this guy’s hand and paying for his school supplies,” Keri Said.

Alan encouraged the young man to keep up the good work, and told him that he was going places in life.

“Alan has always valued hard work and he encouraged this guy to continue doing what he was doing, and his future could go anywhere he wanted to take it.”
Keri hopes that rather than just focusing on the difficult side of life, that we can learn to focus on and share online more of the goodness and kindness that happens each day all around us

I didn’t want to post this just to brag on my husband. But also to brag on this young guy! In a world where we are so quick to ‘share’ the bad things going on, I thought this was just the kind of goodness I needed to see!”

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