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His Family Mocked Him For Inheriting Old House – They Regret It After Seeing What’s Inside

Luke, Bobby, and Joe Webber were raised by their father after their mother passed away years ago. Luke had been nine then, Bobby was six, and Joe was just three. After his wife’s passing, Mr. Weber did his best to raise the boys and devoted all his time to them, putting his own life on the back burner.

But when the children grew up and it was time for them to care for Mr. Weber, things were a complete contrast to what he had expected. Luke went on to become a successful businessman and owned a startup in California.

Whenever Mr. Weber called him for help, Luke’s response was, “I’m so sorry, Dad. Things are crazy and I barely have time for anything, but I promise I’ll make time for you soon.” However, as Mr. Weber had expected, that time never came.

Bobby, who was also a businessman, was no different from Luke. Every time he received a call from his father, he either ignored it or came up with excuses, claiming his car had broken down and he wouldn’t be able to come see him due to his busy schedule.

Joe, on the other hand, was different. He was a struggling researcher in a small lab and had a large family of four children to take care of. Yet, no matter how much work he had, he never refused his father’s requests.

After witnessing Joe’s affection for Mr. Weber, he carefully prepared his will, bearing in mind that each of his boys would receive what they deserved. When Mr. Weber passed away three years later, his children rushed to the lawyer’s office for the will reading, eager to learn about their inheritance.

Bobby and Luke weren’t even present at the funeral, but they took time out of their schedules to attend the will reading, hoping to discover what they might inherit. They were the first to arrive at Mr. Berenson’s office. He greeted them all and expressed his appreciation for their time.

Mr. Berenson then informed them that Mr. Weber’s 1.3 million dollar mansion now belonged to a non-profit organization for autistic children. This news was met with disappointment and confusion. Luke exclaimed, “What? He left it to charity? What about us? We’re his sons.”

Mr. Berenson went on to explain that there was more to their inheritance. He handed each of them a box with their names labeled on them. He instructed them to open the boxes, and inside they found items that puzzled them.

Luke found an old wristwatch that belonged to his grandfather, along with a note that read, “Learn to make time for people and not lies. If time permits, buy yourself a conscience.” Bobby found the keys to his father’s old car, which didn’t even start, along with a note that mocked him for having a broken-down car.

Joe opened his box and found his father’s ragged old Bible inside. Although it was worn and faded, he remembered that his father used to read it every day. Joe’s brothers mocked him for receiving a Bible as his inheritance, but he welcomed it with an open heart.

Joe placed the Bible in his bedroom drawer and forgot about it. However, one day, he faced a difficult situation. His wife and children were in an accident, and he didn’t have enough money for their treatment. He turned to the Bible and read Matthew 7:7, which encouraged him to ask and seek for help.

As Joe prayed, he noticed a piece of paper fall out of the Bible. To his surprise, it was a three-million-dollar check with a note attached that said, “I hope whatever difficulties you have now will be healed in no time. God is with us. Never lose hope.”

Overwhelmed with emotion, Joe realized that his father had left him more than just a Bible. He used the money to get his family the treatment they needed and moved to a better home. Meanwhile, Bobby and Luke’s businesses were struggling, and they turned to Joe for help. However, Joe stood firm, reminding them of their father’s words.

Despite their threats to sue and claim part of Joe’s inheritance, Bobby and Luke were unable to do so due to the agreement they had signed. Joe’s faith in his father’s gift not only helped his family but also served as a lesson in humility and gratitude for his brothers.

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