Awakening From Coma, The Husband Heard His Wife Talking On The Phone, a Day Later He Faked His Death –
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Awakening From Coma, The Husband Heard His Wife Talking On The Phone, a Day Later He Faked His Death

“It was only a few steps to that door he always looked at from afar. Then it opened, and a big flash of light could be seen. Suddenly, he heard a strong and at the same time soothing voice: ‘Start your life from scratch and don’t waste time.’

Alexi felt a strong shock and seemed to come back to his body again. The place where he was was unfamiliar. In fact, the last thing he remembered was having been somewhere else, riding his motorcycle. He felt again the sensations of before; it was strange. He tried to open his eyes, but this was becoming very difficult.


Suddenly, he heard a very familiar sound. It was the feminine and unmistakable voice of his beloved wife, Roxanna. At that moment, Alexi wanted to hug her. He wanted to tell her that he was back.

By her voice, he was very close. As soon as he opened his eyes, he noticed that there was large medical equipment around him, tubes and wires connected to his body. The door to his room was open. That’s where the wife’s voice came from, from the hallway. She spoke very softly, but Alexi could hear what she was saying. Apparently, Roxanna was talking to someone: ‘Don’t worry, everything is going as planned,’ she was saying.

Alexi listened and couldn’t understand what it was about. ‘Yes, he won’t wake up anymore. His mother has no reason to interfere. I’m the wife and I have more rights than her. I’ll keep everything.’ Alexi couldn’t believe what he was hearing. What did she mean by that? Does she want to keep everything he has? It was a terrible situation for Alexi, who had just woken up from intensive care. He wanted to get up, but he couldn’t even move. He couldn’t even shed tears. This broke the heart of the man in love who had woken up wanting to embrace and love her.


Now Alexi, in his disappointment, realized that he could not return to the way he wanted. Then he heard the woman’s footsteps approaching him, and suddenly a man’s voice resurfaced. She asked, ‘How much more does he have to suffer, doctor? Don’t you think it will be better to let him go?’ The doctor replied, ‘He has been very strong.

Even his parents have faith, don’t you?’ ‘Yes, doctor, I have faith, but it hurts me to see him like this.’ ‘Don’t worry, go home. I’ll call you in case something happens,’ the doctor said. ‘Okay,’ replied the woman, who in turn asked the doctor to leave to be alone with her husband for a few minutes.

Then, at that moment, Roxanna stepped aside and tried to move some buttons or wires that were keeping him alive. ‘How much longer do you intend to resist? Just let yourself be buried already, go to rest forever.’ Alexi tried to say something, but at that moment, it was very difficult for him. Instead of words, he just made a strange sound. The woman turned to him and suddenly saw him open his eyes. So she called the doctor: ‘Alexi opened his eyes,’ she said.


Then the doctor returned with some colleagues who examined the man for a long time. They took his blood, connected some devices to him, and talked to each other. ‘Madam, he is still in a coma. I’m so sorry.’ The woman kept thinking about what she had seen. Maybe it was her imagination. Then they all left, only a young nurse stayed with Alexi and applied wet absorbent cotton to his lips to moisturize him.

A day later, the nurse did the same, and it was there that she noticed that he had opened his lips and began to anxiously squeeze the cotton so that the water would enter his mouth. She couldn’t believe it; he had really woken up. ‘You still can’t drink,’ the girl said quietly. In the meantime, the nurse called the doctor to examine him, and so it was that the staff realized he had reacted. ‘We’ll call your wife. She has to know. This will be a great joy for your family,’ the man who could not speak well said slowly and with effort that she should not know. ‘Please don’t tell her anything, I beg you.’


The doctor thought for a moment and knew he could not enter into an argument because of her health. ‘It’s okay, we won’t say anything. Don’t worry, you’d better get some sleep.’

After a while, while the nurse was feeding him, he began to explain why he didn’t want his wife to know. Then the nurse listened to him. He said, ‘How could I have an affair with someone, knowing how she was? I always treated her well. I did everything I could to make her feel good. I never limited my wife with my finances.


I let her live as she wanted. And now, when I had an accident, she felt free and looked for someone else. What’s more, on top of that, she wants to keep everything that cost me effort. Just thinking about this makes me feel ashamed. I feel like telling her how wrong she is, and now she won’t get a penny from me in the divorce.’ And Alexi was a businessman.

Several days passed, and the man began to feel better. One day, the doctor came in, sat down next to him, and they talked about many things. Then the doctor said to him, ‘And what will you do now? How will you tell your wife that you have recovered and that you know everything? You know that I can no longer hide it from your wife for long.

All this time, I have been your accomplice.’ ‘Tomorrow she will be transferred to the recovery room,’ Alexi replied. ‘Well, I have to face her, even though I’m not ready for a scandal.’ Alexi shed tears down his cheek and then swallowed saliva. ‘I didn’t think that an accident would lead me to get to know people better. Instead of having her attached to me, she only drifted further away. But I have a plan too.’


The next day, Roxanna received a phone call. It was from the hospital. A person told her that it was all over and that she was now a widow. She could not believe it. So she went to the intensive care unit to corroborate that this was true. Upon arrival, she tried to pretend to be a suffering wife. When she entered his room, an elderly nurse who was arranging things told her, ‘He is no longer here.’

Roxanna was delighted. She wanted to give a smile but held back and put on her sorrowful face. However, when she turned around, she ran out with tremendous joy. The nurse wanted to tell her that he was somewhere else, but she no longer heard her words. Alexi stood near the window, facing the exit of the hospital door, and looked at his wife with a broad smile on his face. She said something on the phone and immediately took a cab, deciding it was time to get in front of her.


Alexi hurried to the doctor. ‘I have to go home,’ the man who was barely out of intensive care told him. ‘Are you serious? You’re still in no condition. You can’t even walk properly.’ ‘

I can’t stay here until I finish what I have to do. I promise to come back as soon as I figure it out.’ ‘I can’t let you go,’ the doctor told him. ‘I will leave whether you want me to or not,’ Alexi replied.


After signing some necessary documents, Alexi took a cab and decided to go home. He knew his wife might be there. So when he entered, he heard the voice of a stranger. The door to the living room was ajar, and there was a man with little clothes on. ‘Let’s light the fireplace, baby, and we’ll turn up the music. We have to celebrate,’ he said. ‘Yes,’ the woman replied, ‘finally free and with money.’

Alexi couldn’t believe what he was hearing. At that moment, he was filled with anger. He went inside and saw his wife only wearing a towel. She was shocked as if she had seen a ghost. Probably, it was precisely this thought that surrounded her head in that second. ‘You have five minutes to get all your things out of my house and to leave. Because my guard will come soon and throw you out if you don’t hurry.’


‘Let me explain, love. I thought you died. I didn’t know how to deal with this pain,’ she started to cry. ‘You just wanted my money, and as soon as I was in a coma, you looked for a replacement, who knows since when?’ Alexi said. ‘So go away and don’t you dare ask for something after the divorce.’

Alexi wanted to cry at that moment, but he restrained himself and thought, ‘I’m going to get through this. Even though the doctors thought I wouldn’t survive, I did. Maybe to find out about my wife’s plans, I couldn’t let her get away with it. I fought and recovered quickly, and I will continue to fight to get through this. To think that I always dreamed of spending my life by her side and even having children with her.’


The woman, seeing that she no longer had a chance to get her husband back, started shouting and insulting him. But the guards grabbed her and her lover and took them out of the house. Then Alexi contacted specialists to change all the locks in the house. In a couple of hours, he also asked the guards not to let anyone in except his parents, while he continued his recovery.

Upon returning to the hospital, the man tried not to dwell on the fact that just one accident changed his life completely but led him to meet someone else. For a couple of weeks while Alexi was in the hospital, the nurse visited him several times and asked him about his health. He talked to her about everything, and this helped him to get rid of the bad thoughts.


After discharge, Alexi finalized the divorce proceedings, as he expected. Roxanna, of course, started to demand part of the house and other things acquired within the marriage. But the properties were mortgaged for a big loan that the man made to make a business. So, if she took half of the property, she should also pay half of the debt. So Roxanna agreed to sign a document about giving up her part of the properties.

After being divorced, she cursed Alexi and uttered words that a sane person would never utter. But the man paid no attention to her. In an instant, this woman became an empty and terrible place for him. Alexi realized that he missed the nurse and wanted to see her. He didn’t have the moment to thank her for all her attention. He went to the hospital and knew he had to do something. An attendant said that the nurse was in a complex operation. Alexi sat in the corridor and decided to wait a couple of hours.


Exhausted, that woman came out, approached him, and sat down next to him. ‘How did it go?’ asked Alexi. ‘All good, luckily,’ said the nurse. She breathed out a sigh of relief. ‘And that’s for me,’ she asked, looking at the flowers. ‘Oh yes, sorry.’ Alexi handed a bouquet of roses to the woman. She smiled sheepishly.

‘I wanted to ask you on a date, but if you don’t agree, I’m not offended.’ ‘In half an hour, she finished work.’ ‘Good,’ he said. ‘A walk will be the best rehabilitation after such an operation, don’t you think?’ She smiled. ‘Yes, it is useful to spend more time outdoors.’ And so the two of them went out together.

This story became known on a local radio station in Kiev, Ukraine. In fact, it was Alexi who made a phone call to the radio to tell his experience. He, by the way, claimed that he fell in love with Elena, the nurse.


The two of them even have plans to get married. Undoubtedly, interested people will always exist, so no one is free from being with an interested person. Be careful.”

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