Iran nuke deal still alive, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps will get $7,000,000,000 before Congress can review

If Old Joe Biden were actively intent on destroying the United States, what would he be doing differently?

“Iranian Terrorists Will Get Billions of Dollars Before Congress Can Review New Nuclear Deal,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, September 9, 2022:

Iran will gain immediate access to billions of dollars in cash assets on the day a new nuclear accord is signed, money that will flow to Tehran’s top terror organizations before Congress has a chance to review the deal, former senior U.S. officials and experts told the Washington Free Beacon.

Sanctioned entities linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)—the country’s paramilitary fighting force that is trying to assassinate U.S. officials—will receive a massive influx of cash the moment the deal is signed. The Biden administration will also release some $7 billion in frozen assets tied to IRGC funding “prior to a single day of congressional review,” Richard Goldberg, former director for countering Iranian weapons of mass destruction on the White House National Security Council, told the Free Beacon….

While the Biden administration is barred from lifting sanctions before Congress reviews the deal, the White House is reportedly considering a workaround that will go into effect at the moment the deal is signed. President Joe Biden is expected to cancel three Trump administration executive orders that authorized sanctions on entities tied to Iran’s IRGC, according to former U.S. officials and a recent policy analysis published by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), a nonpartisan think tank.

The executive orders authorized sanctions on Iranian financial institutions, its petrochemical and automotive sectors, and its manufacturing industry, as well as its mining, construction, and textile sectors. If Biden cancels these sanctions, a large tranche of cash will immediately become accessible.

This includes $7 billion in funds parked in international accounts that “will reportedly be unfrozen prior to congressional review pursuant to” the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, or INARA. The act was overwhelmingly passed by Congress in 2015 after the Obama administration inked the original accord without consulting the legislative body….

The initial $7 billion in cash—which will later be accompanied by around a trillion dollars in sanctions relief if the deal is approved—is part of a ransom payment paid by the United States for the release of four American hostages. That money has been frozen in South Korean banks but will be “remitted back to the Central Bank of Iran,” according to Gabriel Noronha, a former senior Iran adviser at the State Department during the Trump administration.

Noronha said this money is certain to be used by Tehran to fund its global terrorism operations.

“We have a clear precedent how they will use those funds,” Noronha said. “In 2016, President Obama’s $1.7 billion ransom was sent from the Central Bank of Iran to the IRGC’s budget account, which was then used to supercharge their terror activities.”

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