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While in Coma, She Hid Something Frightening. What Doctors Did When They Found Out is Unbelievable

“A young woman was in a coma for 15 years. Then one day, the whole hospital was thrown into disarray when a nurse noticed that the woman was hiding something frightening. What the doctors did when they found out is unbelievable.

On a cold and quiet Saturday morning at 5:30 a.m., the street was lonely, and the sky still held a hint of darkness. Everyone, except for a 15-year-old girl, seemed to be indoors. The young girl was dressed in some cheap pink joggers, her hair beautifully styled into a side ponytail with bangs, and she was wearing worn-out sneakers. This young girl admired the likes of Shelly-Anne Frazier and Florence Griffith Joyner and wanted to be a sprinter like them too. So each morning, she’d take off running down the street at 5 am.

This particular morning was no different. As usual, she ran, humming Celine Dion’s Titanic hit song, ‘My Heart Will Go On,’ despite the cold weather. She was so elated that she didn’t even feel a chill. She had no sweater to keep her warm, but nothing could dampen her joy and enthusiasm. Whistling all the way, she continued running down the street, unaware of what lay ahead.

After running for 30 minutes, something quite unexpected happened. The young girl suddenly felt a stabbing pain in her head that soon spread throughout her body. It felt like someone had set her on fire and was simultaneously driving a dagger through her chest. Crouching on the ground, the girl grasped her chest and whispered, ‘I’m in pain, please help me,’ but her voice was too soft for her to even hear herself.

With tears streaming down her cheeks, the teenager looked around desperately to check if anyone was passing by so they could help her. Unfortunately, there was no one in sight. Knowing she needed to get help, she mustered all her remaining strength and started to walk towards the nearest house. Unfortunately, before she could make it there, her vision began to blur, and she felt dizzy. Suddenly, she collapsed on the ground, hitting her head on an iron rod that was lying carelessly on the floor.

At this point, the pain became so excruciating that no matter how much she tried to cry out or scream, nothing came out. Gradually, everything faded away until she finally lost consciousness.

For the next five minutes, the girl lay there alone and unconscious in the cold. Fortunately, a man returning from his night shift noticed her and quickly called for help. Soon, people gathered around her, but what was more surprising is that no one knew who she was or where she came from. She had no ID card that could be used to identify her.

As they pondered these questions, they reached out to the emergency unit, and soon an ambulance arrived at the scene, and the girl was rushed to the hospital without delay. The compassionate doctors attended to the girl. She sustained a brain injury from the fall, which resulted in her slipping into a coma.

Despite the doctor’s best efforts, it quickly became clear to them that the girl would be in a state of coma for a long time. Days passed by, yet no one showed up to claim the girl. The doctors went the extra mile in their search for the girl’s family by reaching out to local news outlets so they could cover her story. She was shown on multiple TV stations, yet the situation remained the same.

With no other option, everyone involved in the case concluded that the girl, dubbed the mysterious comatose girl, had only been in town for a few weeks and never stayed anywhere for long periods. They were also certain that she was an orphan who lived off the street. Whatever the truth is, no one knows for sure.

In the hospital, the girl was nicknamed ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ The staff at the hospital developed a deep fondness for the young comatose girl, whose peaceful sleeping face melted their hearts. To ensure her survival, they pulled together and raised money for her medical bills. They were determined that she would live.

Nurse Florence was one of Sleeping Beauty’s many caregivers, but she stood out from the rest. While all of them were sympathetic to her plight and donated money to keep her on life support, Nurse Florence went above and beyond by spending quality time with her. She would talk to her about various topics, play music for her, read books aloud, and even pray with her, something she did without fail over the years.

Although it seemed like forever, five years went by, then eight years, and then ten years, yet the young girl, now 25, remained in a coma. Would she ever wake up? Were they only walking toward a dead end, the doctors would sometimes wonder. But Nurse Florence was always there to reassure them.

‘We have waited 10 years already, so why can’t we wait another week, month, or even a year? We have come too far to give up. Our Sleeping Beauty will wake up someday; I can tell she’s fighting to stay alive, so let’s all be strong for her.’

In the 14th year of the young girl’s coma, Nurse Florence’s twin sister, Clarence, welcomed a set of twins. Florence lived in a different state and hadn’t seen her sister in years. A few years ago, they had lost their mom in an accident, and since they grew up without a dad, they were all they had.

Nurse Florence had been foregoing long vacations and trips so that she could stay close to her beloved patient. Although she desperately wanted to visit her sister, she was determined not to leave the girl’s side. Dr. Benjamin was the one who finally convinced Florence to go see her sister’s children and spend time with them.

Benjamin was also one of the doctors who paid heavily to ensure Sleeping Beauty remained on life support. You see, some years ago, Dr. Benjamin lost his only daughter, and she was just the same age as Sleeping Beauty when she was rushed to the hospital. So he took compassion on her. Over the years, he also grew very fond of her and loved her as a father.

Nurse Florence believed that with Dr. Benjamin and the other capable nurses, the young woman would be in good hands, so she left. While she was away from the hospital, Nurse Florence missed her patient so much. Every day, she reached out to her colleagues to know how the young woman was faring. She couldn’t wait to be back in the hospital.

Unfortunately, just a week before Florence was supposed to return to the hospital, she suffered a home accident and fractured her ankle. As a result, her return to the hospital was postponed. After four months, she had recovered fully and eventually returned to the hospital.

Little did she know something quite disturbing was awaiting her. On her first day at work, Florence walked into Sleeping Beauty’s room with a big smile on her face. She checked the girl’s vitals and was glad that she was in good condition. However, what she noticed next made her scream at the top of her voice.

While straightening the young girl’s coverlet, Florence noticed an unusual bulge in her midsection. Filled with fear and concern, she screamed and immediately ran out to alert the other doctors. Upon examination, they discovered that Florence was four months pregnant.

The only reasonable explanation for this was that someone had taken advantage of her. Who could have done such a callous thing? Keep watching because what you’re about to see will shock you.

In due time, Sleeping Beauty gave birth to a baby girl via C-section. Unfortunately, immediately after the girl was born, her mother’s condition worsened. At this point, the doctors decided it was best to turn off her life support machine. But Nurse Florence vehemently disagreed.

‘There’s no point in waiting anymore. It’s been 15 years already. Let’s put her to rest. You’re only making this young girl suffer,’ Dr. Benjamin screamed, and the other doctors agreed with him.

But just as he was about to turn off her life support, Florence dashed towards them and pushed him away. Then she rushed towards Sleeping Beauty and placed her baby on her chest. ‘Her baby is here. She’s so beautiful. Fight for her. If you can’t hear me, fight,’ she screamed, hugging her beloved patient.

Seconds passed by, and then five minutes, ten minutes, yet nothing happened. Furious and tired of Florence’s antics, Benjamin screamed, ‘Okay, I’m done with this madness. I’m turning the machine off now.’

Then he made a sprint for the life support machine, but before he could turn it off, a true miracle happened. Suddenly, Sleeping Beauty coughed, then she opened her eyes. She was finally awake. Words would fail to describe the amount of joy that Florence felt at that moment.

She promised to explain everything to the young woman who, sadly, had no memory of her life before she had slipped into a coma. But before all that, it was time to find the culprit.

That week, test samples of all the male staff in the hospital were collected for a DNA test, and the culprit turned out to be Dr. Benjamin. Shocking, isn’t it?

Everyone finally realized that he desperately wanted to turn off Sleeping Beauty’s life support so he could bury the truth and prevent future problems for himself. Benjamin was eventually charged to court and sentenced to prison.

Nurse Florence took Sleeping Beauty and her daughter home, and she took good care of them. She helped Sleeping Beauty recover fast and catch up with the world. What an incredible story! What do you think about this story? Thank you for watching, and see you next time.”

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