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This Baby Got Left Behind in a Box With a Snake in It. What Happened Next Is Shocking

Despite being without a child, Desmond, a hunter, and Sarah, his wife, had a deep love for one another that was evident to all who saw them. The couple had gotten married despite the stiff opposition they faced from their parents and were eager to build a home together. They waited years for a child and tried everything possible within their power, but all their efforts were to no avail. After almost two decades of trying and failing, the couple gave up on having kids. They accepted their fate and focused on creating beautiful memories together. Desmond also focused on his hunting business, recording great hunts, killing big games, and making huge profits.

Until one day, something totally unexpected and frightening happened. Desmond had gone into the forest to hunt as usual when he suddenly heard a strange sound coming from the distance.

Curious, he went in the direction of the sound to figure out what was making the noise. He kept at it until he came upon a clearing and found the box at the foot of a tree. The cry was coming from within the box. Peering closely, Desmond sprang back in fear when he looked inside the box. There was a baby in there, but it was what was lying beside the baby that made him shudder.

What is a baby doing in the middle of a forest? Who dumped the baby here? Desmond wondered. This poor baby’s story is a sad one and is sure to have you in tears.

The story all started with Tracy. Tracy came from a poor background; her parents were poor farmers who could barely make ends meet. Hence, they struggled to pay Tracy’s tuition fees. When Tracy got to her senior year, her parents, who were now heavily in debt, suggested that she drop out of school. However, Tracy refused, knowing that if she did, she would be stuck in poverty forever. She knew the only way for her to escape this cycle was through education. So, despite their requests, she stayed in school.

The young girl got a part-time job where she worked after school. She worked at a fast-food restaurant, and the pay was hourly. However, with time, she realized that the salary was not enough to cover her bills. Every little penny she earned went into paying for one thing or the other, in school and at home. Still, Tracy persisted. She was determined to endure everything, work tirelessly, go to college, and become successful.

One day, while she was at work, she noticed a man, a new customer, staring at her. He was in his late 40s and didn’t have a wedding band on. When Tracy went to take his order, he smiled at her. “You don’t deserve to work in this kind of place,” he told her. “You deserve better.”

Tracy appreciated the compliment and took his order. But what he said stuck in her head. After he finished eating, he gave her a huge tip, more than what she made in a day. She was so happy and thanked him. “Don’t thank me,” he said. “If you give me the chance, I will give you more of that and make you happy.”

He introduced himself as Norbert. The lifestyle he promised seemed tempting, and with the tip he gave her, Tracy felt he might be able to take some of the weight off her shoulders. After his initial visit to the restaurant, Norbert became a regular, often leaving Tracy huge tips. So much that she began to feel obligated to accept his advances and do whatever he asked of her. So, when he asked her to be his girl, she accepted. However, the relationship was far from what Tracy dreamed. They never went on dates; instead, they met in motels. When they were done, he would give her money.

Tracy knew she didn’t love him, and she was certain he didn’t love her. They were only together for what they got from each other, and this hurt her deeply. She didn’t like whatever it was they had together, but she felt she had no choice but to go with the flow. Every time she attempted to end the heart-wrenching relationship, something would arise, and she’d have no choice but to rely on him for help. Whether it was a school trip, drugs for her mother, hospital bills for her father, or the ever-increasing rent.

The last time they were together before everything came crashing down, Tracy remained on the bed when they were done and covered her face as she cried. Norbert then took out a wad of cash and tossed it on the bed. “Keep being a good girl, and I will always take care of you,” he told her and walked out of the hotel room.

That night, Tracy wept her heart out. She swore that it was the last time, even if it meant going homeless and hungry. A few weeks later, she found out she was pregnant. The next day, she met with Norbert at the restaurant and told him about it. But he denied being responsible for the pregnancy.

“You’re the only one I’ve been with. I’m carrying your baby, and you know it,” she said, hot tears burning through her eyelids. Just then, Norbert dropped a bombshell. Without any iota of remorse, he told Tracy he was happily married with kids, and she would have to end the pregnancy. Then he forced some dollar notes into her trembling hands and said, “I’m sure you know what to do with the money.”

With this, he left without looking back. Tracy chose not to terminate the pregnancy, feeling that it would be wrong to deprive the unborn baby of a chance at life. To prevent any sort of embarrassment for herself and her parents, who were oblivious to the predicament, she fled to a neighboring town. There, she stayed in shelters and worked multiple jobs to survive. As time went on, the pregnancy became heavier, making it difficult for her to move around and do strenuous jobs. And since she couldn’t work, she couldn’t earn as well. She only managed to survive on the money she had saved in the past months.

Tracy was completely alone during the pregnancy. She had no access to medical care and did not receive any antenatal checkups. She could only pray that she would make it through. When she finally gave birth, it was unexpected. In a matter of moments, she felt like easing herself, so she went to the toilet. There, she felt a sudden urge to push, and when she acted on it, a healthy baby boy slipped out of her.

She quickly called for help, and luckily, there was a nurse nearby who assisted with cleaning up and cutting the umbilical cord. Everyone congratulated Tracy on such a miraculous delivery, and while she smiled at them, she was not happy. She felt guilty for bringing a child into a world filled with suffering and betrayal. She had nothing at all to offer to the baby. She decided then and there that her baby would not return home with her.

So, she got a brown box, put nice clothes inside, and placed the baby in it. She carried the box and went into the forest, the only place she was sure no one would see her. When she got to the clearing, she stopped at the foot of a tree and placed the box there. Then, one last time, she opened it and

looked at the face of her little boy. He was so handsome. She looked up at the sky, hot tears burning her eyes. She didn’t know leaving him would be this hard.

Tracy wiped her tears and kissed him on both cheeks. Then, before her courage failed her, she ran out of the forest, knowing one of the hunters who went into the forest daily would find the little boy. But a few minutes after she left, a snake climbed into the box. Silence fell upon the forest for a while until the little boy began crying. That was when Desmond heard him and traced his cry to the clearing.

Desmond reached them to get the baby out of the box when he suddenly saw the snake springing out of the box. With a scream, he fell backward, brought out his gun, and pointed it at the reptile. The snake, however, remained still, as if letting the man know that he was only there to help. Figuring that the snake meant no harm, Desmond gently dropped the gun, letting the snake know that he could trust him.

Maybe the snake understood, because it gently crawled out of the box and disappeared into the woods. Desmond picked up the baby and fell in love with him right away. He forgot about his traps and took the bundle of joy home to his wife. It was love at first sight for her as well. They adopted the boy and named him Moon. They lived happily as a family, never forgetting about the snake that went out of his way to protect a defenseless baby.

So, what happened to Tracy and Norbert? No one knows for sure, but I’m sure someday Norbert will pay for all his evil deeds. As for Tracy, wherever she is, I hope she knows that her son is happy and fulfilled.

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