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Man Shocked To Discover Hair Poking Out Of 100-year-old Grave

Joelle Morrison was visiting the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery in Sacramento, California when he made a shocking discovery. As he walked through the rows of graves, something caught his eye. It was a clump of human hair poking out of a crack in a gravestone.

Morrison couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He had never seen anything like it before. He immediately pulled out his phone and recorded a video of the strange sight, posting it on TikTok. In the video, he said, ‘I was in the cemetery and I’ve seen something really gross. Here’s the tombstone, and there is the person’s hair coming out of the crack in the tombstone.


The video quickly went viral, with people all over the world reacting with shock and disbelief. Morrison returned to the tombstone a few days later and found that the hair had been pushed back into the crack.

He wondered if someone had placed it there as a prank or if it had somehow become trapped in the stone. He also noticed that many other gravestones in the cemetery were being damaged by animals and overgrown trees. He felt a sense of sadness and concern for the deceased and their families, wondering if they were being disrespected or forgotten.

The discovery of the human hair poking out of the old grave sparked a flurry of speculation and theories. Some people believed that it was a sign of a haunted or cursed cemetery, while others thought it might be a sign of neglect or poor maintenance. Whatever the reason, the sight of the hair poking out of the grave was unsettling and disturbing to many people.


Despite the mysteries surrounding the hair and the damaged graves, Morrison took comfort in the fact that the cemetery was a peaceful and serene place, a place where people could come to honor and remember their loved ones. He hoped that the cemetery would continue to be a place of healing and solace for those who need it.

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