I was Framed And Imprisoned for 2 years Only to be released and realize my brother has Impregnated my Wife – Angry Man Shares

A Nigerian who was wrongly imprisoned has this story to tell.

See his story:

My name is Peter. I am a Nigerian and its really painful to be imprisoned for what you knew nothing about.

I worked in a factory and that day I was on night shift and was not alone in the office, we were about 5 and to be frank I don’t know what happened I just did my work and when I was a bit tired I slept a bit.

I only woke up and realize that a machine was missen, I looked for the other guys and it was obvious they had done something to it. That machine was worth millions.

Those guys ran away and no one could trace them, I was the only one traceable and so I was arrested and asked to confess. I swore that I knew nothing about it but they kept saying they checked the camera and it was a collaborative work but others have escaped. That was how I landed in prison.

I didn’t have money to pay a lawyer so they gave me a lawyer who didn’t know what he was doing. I landed in prison and all this while my newly wedded wife was standing by me. She tried her best to get me out but no way so I told her to relax that God will fight for me.

As God will have it, they traced those guys to their village and caught them so I was released few weeks ago, no one came to escort me home and so I just manage to beg for small transport money and took a vehicle home. On getting home my wife was surprised because she didn’t expect me as I didn’t call anyone that I was released.

She made food for me and all that but I realized she wasn’t comfortable so I asked what the problem was, she didn’t want to talk but after pestering then she opened up that she has been sleeping with my brother and now she is pregnant for him. I slapped her angrily but I blame my brother not her. He is on the run now, I don’t even know where he is, because he knows I don’t mind going back to that prison If I set my eyes on him anywhere.

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