I was a Prostitute but one of my Customers took the risk of Paying me Just to help Transform my Life – Lady shares Touching story

I will try and remain anonymous. But my name is Tura for short. I finished my secondary school education in Oshogbo with my parents but there was no money to further even after waiting for 5 years at home doing nothing.

It was then a friend of mine brought me to lagos and introduced me into prostitution. She didn’t force me but I had the option of either joining her or going back to Oshogbo to my parents just helping at the shop selling provisions.

I Joined the girls around 2016 and ever since then I knew I was dead already. Everyday I wake up knowing that I am a dead woman already. Slept with different men and some I felt wanted to use me for ritual so I denied them and ran away even if I have already gotten to their house.

Sometime in 2019, a man picked me up our junction at night and offered to pay me N50k. I told him to pay part which he did so I followed him home that night. On getting to his house, it was a big house and so I asked hope you are married, he said No. So I followed him into the house and sat in the sitting room.

I was waiting to just service him and get going but he rather sat down with me and started a conversation. The man really talk and talked to me until I started crying. I cried until I couldn’t control myself again.

He held me closer and said he will link me up to someone who I can stay with and as an organization and ministry they will sponsor me to do NCE and then get me a Job afterwards. I thought it was a Joke but today I am grateful him. May God bless him and enlarge him for me. I have chosen to hide my identity but I hope people will learn that they should not allow anybody make you do what will destroy your life or destiny.

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