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I Stopped Drinking Alcohol At Age 45: Uganda World Oldest Man Who is 133 Years old Reveals Secret Of Long Life

In Uganda, an amazing discovery has been made: a man who is 133 years old! His age is truly remarkable, and people are curious to know how he managed to live for so long and what choices he made that contributed to his longevity.

The man believes that his long life is a gift from God. He thinks that following a strict diet has played a significant role.

He mostly eats bananas, potatoes, vegetables, and fish. When he was 45 years old, he decided to stop drinking alcohol because it was making him behave in a bad way. He switched to drinking tea instead. He also used to smoke cigarettes, but after experiencing uncontrollable coughing, he decided to quit smoking too.

During his childhood, he learned to read and write in a church where missionaries taught children. Back then, many older people didn’t know how to count or even know their exact age. They estimated their age based on the seasons. He mentioned that his family members also lived long lives, and he believes their way of life and traditional practices contributed to their longevity.

Compared to the oldest recorded person in history, who lived to be 122 years old, this man’s age is truly exceptional. Recently, a woman in Rwanda claimed to be 123 years old and still a virgin. These cases show how rare it is for someone to reach such advanced ages.

Despite his impressive age, the man is physically weak and needs help with daily activities. His daughter, who is the third-born among her siblings, takes care of him. She ensures he takes his medication for ulcers and assists him with his daily needs.

Reflecting on his life, his daughter remembers him as a hardworking person who engaged in farming, fishing, and butchering. He always believed that hard work would bring rewards. However, he faced personal challenges when he realized he couldn’t have children. For the well-being of her husband, she made the difficult decision to end their relationship.

Now, the man lives with his daughter and grandchildren in a house she bought. His daughter takes care of him and tries to make his remaining days comfortable. She provides him with tea before bedtime and juice in the morning.

This incredible journey of a 133-year-old man reminds us of the importance of hard work, taking care of our health, and making wise choices. By following these principles, we can lead longer lives and make a positive impact on those around us.

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