I Proposed to My Husband & He Said Yes so Pls Propose to yours STOP waiting for him – Pretty Lady shares

Its a cultural norm in Nigeria and Africa that its the man that makes the advances, nevertheless this Nigerian Lady (Damilola) has put aside that shame and made the first move to the man she loves. Quite Brave.

See her story:

This faithful day I met this young man though I have been seeing him going in and out but we never spoke only stare at each other. I guessed he was shy and so I walked up to him one day and asked him to be my boyfriend and I was shocked he said YES. Ladies dont be afraid to shoot your shot.

We are happily together now and my husband isn’t taking advantage of the fact that it was I who actually made the proposal.

I think women should be encouraged to take this move as world population gave it that women are of the higher ratio than men, making the competition stronger.

He loves me and I love him too and he so respects the fact that I was bold enough to come propose to him and ask him to be my boy friend. Infact he adores me so much.

Single ladies out there, when you love somebody walk up to him and tell him you are in love with him. He may love you too but too shy to talk to you (Some guys can be soooo shy). When you shut up don’t be shocked when another girl will grab him and he is gone for good. Don’t miss your man

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