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I Mistakenly slept With My Sister-in-law, Now She’s Blackmailing Me – Young Man Shares

I got married to my wife three years ago and she has a younger Sister who was two years younger. They both look alike, same body build, voice and face. I actually thought they were twins when I first saw them together. She do come to our house for weekends or the holiday as she and my wife were so close. She knows where we keep our house keys. We are yet to have kids and sometimes I appreciate her presence as she keeps my wife company.

Last month, I went to watch a late premiership match at a bar not far from the house and I took some few drinks like I always do with the guys. I wasn’t drunk, just a bit light headed. I drove home immediately after the match around 8pm and opened the door with my key. PHCN took the light as soon as I entered and Everywhere was dark. I heard the shower running and thought my wife was in the bathroom. Normally, I and my wife love spontaneous sex as it spice up our relationship. So I decide to get naughty and have sex. So, I stripped and opened the bathroom and said, Honey, let’s have a quickie”. Without waiting for reply, I pushed her to the wall and penetrated from behind.

One thing, I first noticed was that my thing went inside so smoothly without any resistance. My wife was a virgin when we met and even till now, she still complain of me being big for her. I thought it was the shower water that made it so frictionless so I kept thrusting. The next thing ,I heard was “Uncle Dele(not my real name), please harder, yes, hit me well, I love your dick inside me”. That was when I realized it wasn’t my wife. Immediately, my eyes cleared and I pulled out. I started apologizing to her that I thought it was her Sister, my wife. I quickly dashed out of the bathroom, ran to the room, put my clothes, grabbed my phone and put on the phone torch. She had also left for the other room so I went to knock and started apologizing again. She had put on her clothes also. She said I ought not to apologize as I clearly thought she was my wife and it was a case of mistaken identity. We were still talking when we heard the door being opened and I dashed to my room.

We acted like normal when her sister came in and didn’t say a word to each other. Though, I felt so guilty as I had never cheated on my wife since we got married. Even my wife was surprised her sister was around as she didn’t tell her she was coming. What happened was my wife went to the superstore to get some things, that was why she wasn’t at home as I left her at home when I was going to watch match. My in-law left the following day.

I met with my sister-in-law three days later and I apologize again and we both agreed to keep it as a secret between us as it would hurt my wife so much. She has had two miscarriages since we got married. Her sister also agreed to keep quite, but she made a statement that made me nervous. She said “Uncle Dele, you are so big o. Is that what my sister has been enjoying”. I was a bit angry, but I didn’t want to make an issue out of it so I smiled and let it pass.

Fast forward to last week, She called me that she needed 50k to get something and if I can help her. In the past, I do give her money but always through my wife. 5k, 10k or thereabout but nothing like the 50k she’s asking for now. So I informed my wife of the request and she was angry on why she should be demanding for such amount and called her to tell her what she feels. Only for her to call me and sounding angry on why I had to tell my wife she’s asking money from me. I calmly told her that my wife knows about all my finances and it is not new that I am informing my wife of such request. However in order for peace to reign, I convinced my wife and we sent 20k to her, which she never called back to say thank you.

Yesterday, she called me again asking for 30k to do something, which she didn’t say what it was. I was at work so I told her, I will call her back later. I never had the chance to call her until she called me later in the evening sounding so angry that I didn’t call her back and she needed the money unfailingly before Saturday. I politely told her, I don’t have any money and will have to inform my wife about it, which she told me not to tell her. Actually, I am in a fix as one thing I hate is someone blackmailing me, though she hasn’t said she will tell my wife about what transpired between us. Her tone and attitude towards me is suggesting she’s trying to take advantage of me.

I don’t know if I should confess to my wife as I don’t want to be someone maga. However, I don’t want my wife to go through any stress as we just discovered she’s pregnant again and don’t want any issue again. Please , I need advice as I don’t want to give her any money by weekend.

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