I Might Have Cried. This Just Sent Me Over the Edge”: Mom Having a ‘Really Crappy Day’ Shares Viral Act of Kindness from Takeout Waitress – Legitpost.com.ng
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I Might Have Cried. This Just Sent Me Over the Edge”: Mom Having a ‘Really Crappy Day’ Shares Viral Act of Kindness from Takeout Waitress

Today, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. No real reason for it. Just in a bad mood. Turns out, for someone who loves nothing more than staying home, I’m not a fan when I have no other choice.

My kids were being wild and didn’t want to eat any of the food we have in the house, which, to be fair, isn’t a lot right now.
After a chorus of “NOOOOO”s and “I don’t want cereal AGAIN”s I said (yelled) “fine let’s go get breakfast.”

Halfway to McDonald’s for our mediocre (at best) breakfast I decided we were going to support a local restaurant instead. I’d rather pay a little more and get something that actually tastes good. Plus knowing you’re supporting a small business in times like this feels good.

So I pulled over and called The Griddle, The girl who answered the phone was bubbly. Big bubbly. The kind of bubbly that would make my natural pessimist of a husband roll his eyes.

Me: “Hey are you guys doing take out orders?”
Server: “We absolutely are!!”
M: “Sweet. I couldn’t find a kids menu on your website. Do you have breakfast options for kids?”

S: “Heck yes we do!”
(She then rattled off the extensive kids menu in the kind of upbeat optimism you rarely see. The kind that’s contagious. Honestly, how could someone be that excited about a KIDS MENU??)
M: “Cool. I’ll do the confetti pancakes and the French toast sticks.”

S: “Awesome! What else can I get for you, beautiful?”
(I literally laughed out loud, because I can assure I did not look beautiful in my leggings and slippers)
“A breakfast burrito. With hot sauce please. We’re out and I don’t particularly want to go to the store right now.”
S: “ugh, girl. I feel it. Don’t worry. I gotchu.”

We finished up our transaction and before we hung up I told her, “Listen, I was a having a really [crappy] day. I just want you to know your awesome attitude has really cheered me up.”

And it was true. Driving to the restaurant I found myself smiling from ear-to-ear for the first time in days. I was singing with my kids instead of asking them to be quiet and we rolled the windows down. By the time I got there, I was in an awesome mood.

I walked into the restaurant. A dude greeted me at the door, and then walked to the back. A few seconds later I hear a familiar voice yell “YES!” And then she literally runs to the front to meet me. Her face is as cute as her attitude and I’m so glad I decided to support local.

There’s some writing on my to-go bag, but i don’t pay much attention to it. I thank her again grab my food and head out the door.

When I get home I realize that the writing on my bag says “you are wonderful, loved, important, beautiful.” I might’ve cried.

Honestly, the phone call was enough to turn my whole day around, this just sent it over the edge. The world needs more people who choose love in the face of adversity. The world needs more people like her.

If you’re ever in Meridian ID and needing breakfast, hit up The Griddle. The food is incredible and the service is EVEN BETTER

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