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I Lived with My Mom for 70 Years and Now I Want a Romantic Relationship I Never Had Before- Story of the Day

The saying “to each his own” is evident in the different lives people choose to live. While others may find happiness in planning a future with a spouse and kids, some find peace in being alone.

Janine and Joseph’s daughter, Georgia, is content living the latter life. At the age of 69, she has never moved away from her parents nor had a romantic relationship. Here’s a look at her chosen lifestyle.


Georgia is the oldest of two siblings. She has a younger sister, Catherine, who she grew up with on a big ranch owned by their parents. Although energetic and playful, Georgia always opted to stay at home and enjoy the company of her mom and dad.

She liked playing board games, solving puzzles with her parents, and reading books about history and nature. On weekends, she sought fun from her grandparents, who lived nearby and would play scrabble with them the entire day.

Janine and Joseph’s estate was huge and had different kinds of animals; hence, Georgia never found leisure elsewhere but at home with her parents. However, as her mom noticed the introverted character of her daughter, she forced Georgia to mingle with kids her age.

Although there are cases of people finding love at an older age, the chances may be slim for Georgia, especially amidst the pandemic.


Every birthday, Janine would organize a big birthday party for her oldest daughter and invite her classmates and friends at school. Although Georgia was always polite, she still did not find fun playing as the other children did.

During her teenage years, Georgia found difficulty fitting in with her peers and liking the same things they did, such as going to the movies, playing in the arcade, and joining extracurricular activities in school.

Meanwhile, her sister Catherine became the polar opposite, having been outgoing and active in school activities. On prom night, Georgia’s mom forced her to go and mingle with people her age, but she replied:

Don’t worry mom, I don’t think I’m missing out on anything. I find that my age group has silly interests so I’d rather hang out with you and dad


When Georgia entered college, she began to socialize more and had a set of friends with whom she would hang out. However, she still preferred being at home as it was always her comfort zone.

Just like her social life, Georgia’s love life was just as dull. She never counted hanging out with a boy on a date and did not want to be in a serious relationship. According to the independent woman:

“I don’t need a man to complete me as I am complete and capable of doing things for myself, by myself.”

But this didn’t mean that no one has taken an interest in Georgia. At 17 years old, she met a boy, Eric, who became a good friend. The two would do activities together, including watching movies and going to museums, but no romance took place.


Nevertheless, Eric slowly fell in love with Georgia, whose blonde hair and blue eyes captivated him since they grew closer. Although she never said it, Georgia made it clear through actions that she was not interested in romance.

At times when the pair would end their day, Georgia would send Eric home without inviting him inside her house. Eric waited until Georgia was ready, but unfortunately, that day never came.

When Georgia turned 22, Eric casually proposed and presented her with a gorgeous engagement ring. However, she declined his proposal and decided to continue living and taking care of her parents.

For years, Janine pushed her daughter to start dating and have a family of her own until one day, Joseph intervened and told his wife to stop forcing Georgia. Clearly, she was happy with her current lifestyle.


Georgia is currently 69 years old, while her mother is 87, both living in a smaller home, while Catherine has her own family. In 2000, the family patriarch passed away due to an aggressive cancer diagnosis, which only gave him two months to live.

Nevertheless, he passed away happy as his wife and daughter cared for him until his final moments. Joseph was at peace, knowing Georgia would never leave her mother’s side and tend to her needs as she ages.

After his passing, Georgia and Janine decided to go on different adventures together around the world. They traveled to various islands and went on several cruise ships, enjoying each other’s company.

Although I am her mother, Georgia and I have a bond as if we were best friends. It seems that our close age gap contributed to that.”


However, at 87, Janine is weak and suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Her only wish is for Georgia to still find a man who will make her happy in the years she still has to live. Georgia shared:

“I may be 69 but I am active and healthy in all aspects. Right now, I believe having a romantic partner is what is best for me.”

Although there are cases of people finding love at an older age, the chances may be slim for Georgia, especially amidst the pandemic. Nevertheless, she won’t lose hope and will enjoy her mother’s company for the time being.

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