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I Killed Countless People, Slept With Dead Bodies and Buried Alive For 7 Days

A pastor, previously known for his criminal activities, has captured international attention after reportedly spending seven days buried alive in a grave filled with dead bodies. This astonishing experience led him to abandon his life of crime, embrace repentance, and ultimately become a pastor with a powerful message of redemption.

The captivating story of this enigmatic pastor has left many wondering how he ended up buried alive and how he managed to survive without food, water, or air for an entire week. Was it a case of mistaken identity, or were there sinister forces at play? The answers lie in a journey that took us deep into the heart of Tanzania.


Born 71 years ago in Morocco, the pastor’s early life was marked by poverty and a lack of opportunities. To survive, he resorted to stealing from others, which eventually escalated to more violent crimes. His path took a fateful turn when his partner tragically lost his life during a robbery, leaving the pastor deeply affected and fearful for his own life.

After being wrongly accused of theft, robbery, and illegal possession of firearms, he sought the aid of a witch doctor to prove his innocence. Little did he know that this decision would lead him down a dark path. Engulfed in rituals and mystical practices, he found himself sleeping in a grave alongside deceased bodies for an entire week.

The pastor’s incredible story caught the attention of Elijah, who embarked on a long journey to Tanzania to uncover the truth. During their meeting, the pastor shared the harrowing experiences that led to his transformation. He described the ritualistic practices, the chants, and the strange traditions performed by the group that buried him alive.

Remarkably, throughout his seven-day ordeal, the pastor claims he never felt hunger or discomfort. Each morning, his captors would check on him, cover him back up, and leave him in the grave. On the seventh day, he was miraculously rescued by a group of elderly men and women who brought him out of the grave and performed further mystifying rituals involving fire, water, and physical beatings.

However, it was after encountering a person who introduced him to the power of Jesus Christ that the pastor found true solace. Repenting for his past actions, he accepted Jesus as his savior and embarked on a mission to spread the gospel. Despite his old age, he passionately preaches to large gatherings, emphasizing the importance of faith and redemption, particularly for the younger generation who are vulnerable to destructive paths.


The impact of his message has not gone unnoticed, as the pastor has experienced blessings in his own life. Generous individuals contributed materials, allowing him to build his own house, and he has also been blessed with cars for easier transportation during his evangelical efforts.

Now 71 years old, the pastor is determined to continue spreading the gospel and urging others to turn away from sin. He carries a fervent desire to save the younger generation from the clutches of evil and guide them towards a life of righteousness.

This extraordinary story of a pastor’s journey from criminality to spiritual leadership serves as a powerful reminder that redemption and transformation are possible for anyone, regardless of their past. The world watches in awe as this pastor shares his remarkable testimony, inspiring others to seek forgiveness and embrace the kingdom of God.

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