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I Just Met This Guy, He Took Me To a Hotel When We Got There, What He Did Left Me Outraged

Bernard Njenga and Esther Wanjiku Thuku lived in Kenya with their children. Esther had big dreams of finding a better job and a brighter future. She thought Saudi Arabia might hold the key to those dreams. But Bernard wasn’t so sure. He worried about Esther going so far away, leaving him and the children behind.

Their disagreement turned into arguments, and eventually, Esther decided to leave. She packed up the kids and went back to her parents’ house, leaving Bernard behind. It was a tough decision, but Esther was determined to make a change in her life.

In June of 2019, Esther left Kenya for Saudi Arabia. She wanted to work there as a domestic manager. Bernard didn’t know she had left until his sister told him. He was surprised and worried about Esther being so far away.

At first, everything seemed okay. Esther kept in touch with her family back home. She would call and message them regularly, letting them know how she was doing. But then, in January of this year, the calls suddenly stopped. Esther’s family grew concerned. They tried calling her, but there was no answer.

Esther’s family decided to reach out to her employer in Saudi Arabia to see if they knew anything. What they heard shocked them. Esther wasn’t working there anymore, and she had left back in January. This news confused Esther’s family. They couldn’t understand why she would leave without telling them.

When they asked Esther’s Saudi agents, they couldn’t give a clear answer either. They said Esther was still in Saudi Arabia but didn’t know where she was working. Esther’s family felt helpless and worried. They didn’t know what to do next.

In May, they turned to social media for help. They posted about Esther’s disappearance, hoping that someone might have seen her or knew where she was. The response was overwhelming. People shared the post, hoping to spread the word and bring Esther home.

The next day, Esther’s family received a call from officials in Saudi Arabia. They were told that Esther had died on February 28th. It was heartbreaking news. Esther’s family couldn’t believe it. They were devastated by the loss of their beloved daughter and sister.

Now, Esther’s family is waiting for her body to come home. They want to give her a proper burial and say their final goodbyes. It’s a tragic end to Esther’s journey, one that started with hope but ended in sorrow and confusion.

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