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I Have Ruined Two Of My Best Friend’s Relationships, And The Third One Is Hanging By A Thread.

I have been friends with her for the past ten years. She is an incredibly gorgeous Northern girl. I am usually invisible when I am walking next to her. She gets all the attention and I don’t even get a glance in my direction. With Bernice’s beauty, she attracts all the best men. In our period of friendship, she has had two relationships. She is currently in the third one. Those two guys were crazy about her and wanted to marry her. The only problem was their families. The first man’s family did not want their son to marry a Northerner. When I saw this, I got close to the family and said lots of nasty things about her to them. This only solidified their stance against their wish to get married. In the end, her five-year-old relationship with this man came crumbling down.

The second man’s family also did not want their son to marry from Bernice’s tribe. They had dated for two years when the issue of marriage came up. When I realized that this guy’s family didn’t like her as well, I added my own concocted stories to the fire of their tribal hate and ruined the relationship. In all this, my best friend has no idea I was working against her relationships. Why was I doing this? She gets everything first before I do. And for once, I wanted to be the first to do something. I wanted to get married before she did. So I thought I would even the playing field by ruining her good relationships.

She started dating boyfriend number three just recently. We are best friends so we talk about everything. She told me about how amazing this guy is. Every good thing he did for her, she told me. As usual, this new development got me jealous. So I started sowing seeds of doubt in her mind. When she says, “Jeffter is so amazing. I can’t believe someone like him was single till I came along.” I would respond with, “Haven’t you learned anything from your past relationships? Men seem amazing until it’s time for them to choose you. That’s when they start making excuses. For all you know, this Jeff guy has another girlfriend. You know what they say about men in his profession. They have women in every town they go to.”

At first, she would laugh off my cynism but I was relentless. “Sis, all I am saying is that you shouldn’t believe everything a man tells you. He would kiss another woman and come tell you ‘I love you’ with the same mouth. Question everything he says until you are sure it’s the absolute truth.” As time went on, my words sunk deep into her heart and took root. I am not proud to admit this but soon enough, she started getting insecure in the relationship.

Initially, she was willing to wait for three or four years so the guy would put himself together and marry her. But after filling her head with doubts, she started asking questions. “What if I wait all this while and he doesn’t marry me? I would have wasted more years with yet another man.” She started picking fights with the guy and created problems for them. Every time she reported that things were not going well, I would sympathize with her but rejoice secretly in my heart.

Eventually, the guy got fed up with her constant nagging and broke up with her. When she told me they broke up I experienced unexplainable joy. However, my joy was short-lived when they got back together a few days later. I was furious but I pretended to be happy for her.

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We both love football so the other day we made plans to hang out with three of our male friends at a bar to watch the Chelsea and Madrid game. Before we could go to the bar, one of the guys suggested we all come to his place instead. I got there before Bernice did. And I noticed she was drunk when she arrived. “We didn’t go to the bar and yet you are drunk?” I asked her. That was when she started telling me she and Jeff were having problems. “Take my phone,” she said, “Call him and tell him I am sorry. I love him and I miss him so much. Tell him I am horny, maybe that will get his attention.” I took her phone and walked out but I did not call her boyfriend. I rather opened his contact and saved his number and email address on my phone. Then I came back and told my best friend that the guy declined all the calls I made with her number.

Then I sat next to her and sent the guy an email. I used my email account but I made it sound like Bernice. It was a breakup message. I even used the name Bernice saved his name as, so it would seem like the email was truly coming from her. After the game, I took her to my place. When she fell asleep I took her phone and went to their WhatsApp and broke up with the guy over there too. I then called him and hung up when he picked up. Then I blocked his number and blocked him on WhatsApp too. I had successfully ended their relationship and that made me happy.

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Just recently, she discovered that the guy’s number was blocked on her phone and unblocked him. It pained me when she mentioned that they are talking again. My only consolation was that the subject of the email didn’t come up. It’s either the guy didn’t receive it or he is yet to open it. If she finds out about it she will know that I sent it and she would put everything else together. I know I should be worried but that is not my concern right now. My friend is always sad these days. She tells me, “I am in a relationship but I feel so lonely. What can I do to fix things?” This seemingly harmless game I started playing with my beautiful friend has taken a terrifying turn. And that’s why I am here today.

She has started drinking heavily and it scares me. She always goes to a bar Jeff introduced her to and takes shots. She is sitting right next to me as I write this story but she is too intoxicated to even notice that I am using her Facebook account to send this. All I wanted to do is get married before her, not turn her into an alcoholic. Now I want to come clean and tell her everything but I don’t know how to go about it. I also want to send the guy another email and confess everything to him so he would give my friend a fresh start. I didn’t mean for things to go this far, and now I feel bad. How do I make it right?


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