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I had no choice but to take the life of my husband and father to my 5 children

In a very sad story, the life of Robina took a terrible turn after her husband died in a violent incident. It was the result of many years of suffering, including being treated badly and being put in prison, but it also became an opportunity for her to find hope and start her life a new.

Robina’s troubles began when she was young, growing up without the love and care of her mother. She only had her father to rely on. Even though her father had a lot of money, Robina still longed for love and kindness. In her haste to find happiness, she rushed into marriage without really knowing the men who proposed to her. Sadly, this decision led her to face many difficulties.

Her husband, who initially seemed to be well-behaved, changed over time and became more and more aggressive. He started hurting her physically, leaving scars on her body and deep wounds in her heart. He also sold their properties and wasted the money on alcohol, while she and their children suffered at home without enough to survive.

The breaking point came when her husband tried to kill her. In a desperate attempt to protect herself, she fought back and, accidentally, caused his death. Filled with fear and guilt, she ran away, not knowing what would happen next.

Robina’s troubles continued when she was sent to prison while she was pregnant with her fifth child. Life behind bars was incredibly difficult, made even worse by her battle with an advanced form of breast cancer. Despite facing all these challenges, she held onto her faith and prayed for help. Miraculously, her punishment was later reduced to 24 years.

After spending 16 years in prison, Robina was finally released. However, her newfound freedom came at a great cost. She found herself all alone, abandoned by her children, and rejected by the people in her community who were afraid of her because of her past. It was a very hard situation to be in.

In an effort to support Robina and give her a chance to build a better life, a special initiative called givinglive.com was created. This program aims to raise awareness about her difficult circumstances and provide assistance to help her regain her self-respect and create a brighter future.

Robina’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of making wise choices in marriage, focusing on a person’s character and kindness rather than material things. Despite all the hardships she has faced, she believes that praying before making such important decisions is incredibly important.

As Robina continues on her journey, she hopes that her story will serve as a warning to others, inspiring them to carefully choose their life partners and prioritize love and respect in their relationships.

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