“I feel pain for letting you down,” 19-year-old Ejikeme Mmesoma says, as she apologizes to JAMB over forged result – Legitpost.com.ng
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“I feel pain for letting you down,” 19-year-old Ejikeme Mmesoma says, as she apologizes to JAMB over forged result

In a sincere and emotional statement, nineteen-year-old student Ejikeme Mmesoma expressed deep regret and apologized to the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) for allegedly forging her exam result. Facing an ad hoc committee from the house of representatives, Ejikeme appeared alongside high-ranking officials, including JAMB registrar, Ishaq Oloyede.

With humility, she acknowledged her mistake and took responsibility for her actions, admitting that she made a grave error in trying to alter her unified tertiary matriculation examination (UTME) result. She spoke of the pain she felt for disappointing her family, teachers, and the entire education community.

“I am truly sorry for what I did,” Ejikeme said, holding back tears. “I made a terrible decision, and I take full responsibility for it. I know I let myself and everyone down, especially JAMB, which I deeply respect.”

Ejikeme emphasized that throughout her academic journey, she had always believed in hard work and honesty. Cheating was never part of her values, and she had never been involved in any form of examination malpractice before. She explained that the pressure to excel and secure admission into a good university led her astray, and she deeply regretted succumbing to that temptation.

“I beg for a second chance,” Ejikeme pleaded with the committee. “I promise that I will never repeat such a mistake again. I have learned my lesson, and I am willing to face any consequences for my actions. Please consider my remorse and the impact this incident has had on my life.”

Listening attentively, the committee members appeared moved by Ejikeme’s heartfelt apology. They acknowledged that young people can make mistakes and that genuine remorse deserved a chance at redemption. They assured her that they would carefully consider her plea for leniency.

The JAMB registrar, Ishaq Oloyede, also responded to Ejikeme’s apology, urging her to learn from her error and uphold integrity throughout her educational journey. “Mistakes are part of life, and what matters is how we grow from them,” he advised.

Ejikeme’s heartfelt apology has not only put her own actions under scrutiny but has also sparked a broader conversation about the pressure students face in the highly competitive educational environment. Her case serves as a reminder that while academic excellence is essential, it should never come at the cost of compromising one’s values and integrity.

As the committee deliberates on her fate, many hope that Ejikeme’s story will serve as a cautionary tale for others, encouraging them to stay true to their principles and seek help whenever they feel overwhelmed by the challenges of academic life. Whatever the outcome may be, Ejikeme’s willingness to take responsibility for her mistake is a vital step towards growth and maturity.

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