A Rich Guy Slept With an Old Homeless Woman on a Bet. And When She Took Off Her Wig, His Friends Almost Choked With Envy. – Legitpost.com.ng
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A Rich Guy Slept With an Old Homeless Woman on a Bet. And When She Took Off Her Wig, His Friends Almost Choked With Envy.

Foreign, a group of young people celebrated a birthday. Everyone was in a cheerful mood, shoulder-deep mountains, knee-deep sea. They were not afraid of anything. At some point, one of the guys began to brag that the first girl to enter the bar would throw herself on his neck. David laughed at his friend’s self-confidence and offered him a dispute in response, but first, one of the friends figured out how the one who loses that bet would be punished.

As a result, the loser would need to find, seduce, and sleep with a homeless woman, but he will need to take a photograph of her without clothes so that there is no deception. David didn’t think long before agreeing to the bet; his friend was drunk, too self-confident, and spoke all sorts of nonsense. It wasn’t hard to win the bet. What girl will immediately throw herself on the neck of a very drunk guy? The probability of this was too small, and the consequences of the bet were very interesting.


But David was also too confident, and he lost the bet. Very stupidly, the first girl who entered really threw herself on the neck of his friend, but he knew about it in advance because he invited his girlfriend to the cafe. But a bet is a bet after all, they didn’t stipulate the details, and in fact, everything was honest. His friend also risked because another girl could go ahead of his girlfriend.

The company of friends began to prepare David for a date the very next day, so as to not delay his sentence for a long time. He was dressed in dirty clothes because in this way he would look more natural and honest. Of course, if a homeless woman sees a decently dressed guy, she will quickly agree to go with him and will rely on his money. He needed to seduce and charm the woman with his charisma. His friends made fun of David; they found such terrible things that he could only rely on his charisma.


They found an area where there were many homeless people and rented a hotel room nearby. Everyone chipped in money for such entertainment, and David went to look for a companion. He was uncomfortable, but he kept his word; it was also a challenge to himself; he will have something to remember in old age. However, youth offers a bunch of stupid things that fall under this category, after which one becomes ashamed, and it is unlikely that he will tell his grandchildren about the seduction of a homeless woman, but this will worry him later. But now it’s a matter of honor.

The young man approached the place where the homeless lived. It was early spring, and it was very cold outside. The homeless were on the heating main. David had never come close to such places and had no idea how shocking it was. It was a whole settlement, another world. If you don’t look around and don’t see the usual houses, then you might think that you are in a fantastic post-apocalyptic world, destruction after a large-scale cataclysm.


There were people of different ages, living their own lives. Someone was sleeping wrapped in old things in boxes; someone was chatting while drinking an incomprehensible drink. Another vagabond was snoring next to these talkers; he was already very drunk, apparently from this potion. There were unsanitary conditions all around. It was unpleasant for David to be near this place, but his friends were waiting for him near the hotel; he needed to get some woman out of here.

The young man looked around; mostly there were men. He didn’t have much voice among women, and then he saw her. He never thought that people couldn’t take care of themselves to such an extent.

This woman was sitting separately from other companies. He was more likely to succeed; a couple of other ladies were surrounded by men, and David sat down with this old woman. She immediately recoiled from him; she was not very friendly, but the guy greeted her and said that his relatives have taken away his apartment, and he has to live on the street. He found this heating main to keep warm.


The untidy woman gradually thawed and supported David in such a difficult situation. She asked him when he ate because she had a bun with her, and she will gladly share it with him. David refused, saying that he had some money and had recently eaten well. The guy thought that his female interlocutor was from neighboring countries; she probably came in the hope of earning extra money, and then something went wrong. He didn’t immediately clarify her history with her since they had other topics for conversation.

She told him that the heating main was habitable if it didn’t rain; it’s warm here, and no one drives them out of here. In the hallways, things are more complicated; it’s hard to find a place where the tenants won’t kick you out, so she has to hide. David asked her, “Do you have a shower?” “I recently became homeless, but I already went to wash,” the homeless woman smiled sadly, “if I can somehow survive other hardships, then I really don’t have enough for a shower. I have to do water procedures in public toilets, mainly at the station because often they don’t even let me into well-known fast food chains.


Sometimes I’m lucky, and the guards don’t notice me, and I can go to the restroom and clean myself up there, but sometimes the guards notice and chase me away. There can be no talk of a warm shower, much less a bath. This homeless woman no longer remembers the last time she took such a shower.”

She promised to show her new friend places where he can wash. The guy was well entered into the role of the homeless. This woman felt sorry for him and offered him help, all that she could, and was ready to give to the unknown. But she herself was dirty, and he couldn’t tell from her face how old she was. She eats leftovers near the cafe.


David suggested, “Listen to me, I have some more money. I can get a cheap hotel room, and we can take a shower together.” The woman pricked up but he immediately softened the awkward moment by explaining that he didn’t mean it like that; they don’t have to share a shower.

David has already figured out how he can fulfill the conditions of the bet; after all, he needs to provide friends with only a candid photo; it doesn’t matter what is hidden behind this photo, but he can tell anything he wants. Thus, he will fulfill the conditions of the bet, and this woman was very trusting.

She found the interlocutor interesting, and she agreed to go with him to the hotel. David was even ashamed of his deception, but he consoled himself with the fact that he would not only fulfill the conditions of the bet but also help this woman; after all, he will not do anything bad to her, but she will not know about the photo. She will take a warm shower which she is long dreamed of, and he will have his ill-fated photo.


His friends were waiting impatiently not far from the hotel; they had their phones ready, and when they saw the dirty couple, they started filming them. David saw the guys laughing, but he would teach them a lesson anyway, and he did teach them a lesson, but not in the way he expected. When he later left the hotel, a completely different person was next to him, and something happened in the hotel room that David didn’t expect. The old woman, for whom he took this homeless woman, turned out to be, in fact, a young girl.

The guy was puzzled when she took off her wig in the room, and thick black hair appeared from under it. They were a little unkempt, but he understood why she didn’t have the opportunity to wash her hair often. She asked him, “Can I go to the shower first?” David nodded silently; he even forgot why they came here. The girl needs to take a hot shower; she dreamed about this for a long time, and now he will not disturb her. He repeated this mentally, trying to compose himself.


David took off his clothes and looked out the window; his friends stood in front of the hotel and gesticulated to him; they had fun. But he didn’t; now he didn’t want to offend this girl. He showed his friends that everything was cool and drew the curtains. She was in the shower for a long time; then she turned on the hairdryer. He sat on the bed and thought; then she came out, wrapped in a white hotel towel. It was a cheap room, and the towel was very washed out, but she looked like a nymph in it.

The old woman turned into a young black-haired Haitian. David smiled; she looked like a cartoon character. Exactly, now she should be given a small blue animal with big ears. David smiled, “You look like Lilo from the cartoon.” And the girl laughed. He felt ashamed that he brought the girl to the hotel, and they didn’t even get to know each other. They chatted about all sorts of nonsense, but they didn’t know each other’s names, and David introduced himself to her. She lowered her eyes in embarrassment, “Mary Saul.” She didn’t look like an immigrant from neighboring countries, of which there are a lot of people in the city.


David asked her, “Where are you from?” Mary Saul was surprised, “Do you want to go to the shower?” And the guy came to his senses, “Of course, he pretends to be homeless, and he had to go to the shower immediately.” And now he was in a stupor because such a girl was standing in front of him. He ran to shower; he tried to wash himself quickly because he really wanted to talk to her. He wanted to ask her how she became homeless. When he got out of the shower a few minutes later, the girl was surprised, “So fast?” David was confused because he was a man.

The young man began to ask the girl about her life. Mary Saul calmly talked about her fate. If he had met her earlier, she would have been worried. She has been living on the street for six months. At first, she was scared, but then she got used to it. She was careful after what had happened to her before. She reported that she found a job as a nanny in this country through an agency in her city. It was difficult for her to find a job at home. She knows a little English and loves children.

The agency promised her good conditions, and the salary was tempting, but upon arrival, her passport was taken away from her, and they explained to her what her duties would be. She could find such a job in her homeland. She hoped that her life would get better, but in the end, she was immediately sent to work on the track. They assigned a man to her who stood aside and watched so that she didn’t do anything stupid.


Marisol was determined; she didn’t want to sell her body. She caught the moment when several cars passed and clung to the truck until she was watched. She managed to escape, but she had no documents. She didn’t know the city and the local people.

The girl was afraid to go to the police because these bandits warned her that they had certain agreements with the police, and she had to live on the street. She found some things and a wig in the trash, and she wore it to protect her hair from lice. Then the girl smiled sadly and said that despite everything, she was glad that there were good people in this country, and she thanked David for his help.

It turned out that David brought a young, beautiful foreigner to the hotel. Of course, there could be no question of any proximity, and even a photo; he couldn’t be the same bastard as those people who deceived the girl. David went down to the administrator and asked to buy some things for the girl.


They decided that a tracksuit would be just right for her. Later, the young man turned her to his father for help; his dad worked as a lawyer. When he listened to the girl’s story, he helped her recover the documents. Everyone had to get nervous because his father offered to catch a criminal gang that traffics in people.

At first, Marisol didn’t agree because she was afraid that she would be retaliated against. The young man assured her; they will continue to deceive other innocent girls, and she can stop it. As a result, the girl took a chance and went to cooperate with the police.

Fortunately, David’s father acted carefully and found honest police officers. The fictitious recruiting agency was closed, and the girl’s documents were stored. This took several months. All this time, Marisol lived in the country house of David’s parents; the garden season began, and the girl was happy to help his mother with the garden.

The guy sometimes came to visit and brought the girl the necessary things. Of course, David didn’t fulfill the conditions of that bet, and it was also a matter of honor because he did the right thing. He promised himself not to settle for such stupid betting terms again, and, in general, it’s better for him not to agree to the bet.


When all the issues were resolved, the young man accompanied Mary Soul home. They stood at the airport and waited in line at the border control desk, and suddenly their eyes met. The registrar at the counter loudly called out, “Girl, show me your documents. Are you flying together?” Marisol hesitated and hesitantly handed her a passport with a ticket, and then David grabbed her hand. He replied, “Sorry, she’s not flying anywhere, but we really are together,” and he pulled his girlfriend off the counter. Marisol smiled with tears in her eyes, but it was clear that she was not going anywhere. She found her happiness here.

When they arrived at David’s house together, the parents were surprised. His father asked them, “Did you miss your plane?” And the young people smiled and held hands. The mother was delighted, “Finally, I thought you were such a fool that you would let our Marisol go.” His mother understood everything a long time ago, and he understood it only at the airport. Soon, the young people got married, and nine months later, they had a baby, a little girl with black hair and blue eyes. It seems that in the future, she will compete with her beautiful mother. Still, sometimes you can bet because it helps a lot in life. Thank you all for your attention, and see you soon.

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1 Comment

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    What a story!in fact am in to the latter part of the story.I wish I can give a new title to this story but all in all a Good Heart always wins..by the way I need help Gh2200 to revive my business to take of my two daughters one in Nursing Training n JHS 1 respectively please a kind hearted person can assist me on..0540423990-Kingsford Baidoo

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