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Father Hears Man’s Voice from His Daughter’s Room and Decides to Check Who Is There

One evening the father passed his daughter’s room and heard a man’s voice coming from there. He realized that his daughter was hiding something and decided to find out in an original way what it was.

One night before going to bed and on the way from the toilet to his bedroom, Alfred passed his daughter Lilly’s room and heard a man’s voice. He got scared and knocked on Lily’s door to make sure that she was okay.


When Lily opened the door, Alfred asked, “Honey, are you all right?” “Of course, everything is fine. I’m watching a movie,” Lilly replied. “Okay. I just heard strange noises,” Alfred said, looking around the room behind his daughter.

Lily claimed the noise was from the movie she was watching, so Alfred left and went to bed. The next evening the same thing happened itself. Alfred heard a man’s voice with the same timbre. Again, he knocked on Lily’s room, but she claimed to be watching another movie.
Alfred pretended to believe, but in reality, he felt that his daughter was hiding something. He realized that Lily probably had a boyfriend who would sneak into her room at night. Lily was already 18 but never had a serious relationship.


Her father was a cool guy who would understand the dynamics of being in a relationship, so he did not understand why his daughter was hiding the boy. Since Lily’s room had a large tree outside the window, Alfred realized that the boyfriend probably climbed it.

So, he decided to verify everything for himself. In the evening, when his daughter left the room, Alfred quietly hid under her bed. If the boy climbed into the room that evening, Alfred would hear everything and get out from under the bed to meet his daughter’s boyfriend.
But if there were no boyfriend, Alfred would have to wait a long time for Lily to fall asleep to get out from under the bed. He was ready to do anything just to find out the truth. About half an hour after Alfred crawled under, Lily’s boy climbed into the room.


From the conversations of the couple, Alfred discovered that the boy’s name was Chuck. At that moment, Alfred realized that he had to act. Just as he was about to come out from under the bed, his wife knocked on the door

Perhaps she wanted to ask Lily if she had seen Alfred because he hadn’t told his wife about his plan. Otherwise, his wife would never agree. When Lily heard a knock on the door, she told Chuck to hide.

The boyfriend quickly crawled under the bed while Lily went to the door, opened it, and turned on the light. At that moment, a loud scream came from beneath the bed, which scared everyone.


Chuck was most frightened when he saw his girlfriend’s father under the bed. He quickly got out, and behind him came Alfred, who began to laugh out loud. No one could understand what was happening, but Lily knew for sure that her secret had been revealed.

Alfred said, “Well, Lily. Introduce your friend to us.” Lily initially took offense at her father for spying, but she also felt guilty for hiding the boy from her parents. After everyone was introduced, Alfred apologized to his daughter:


“I’m sorry I had to hide under your bed. But I didn’t really understand why you were hiding your relationship from us with your mother.”

“We understand that you are an adult and ready to accept any of your choices,” he said while hugging Lily. Soon, Lily apologized and thanked her parents for being understanding.


Alfred then said that Chuck could come to visit them at any time, but it was too early for them to spend the night with Lily at their house. Everyone agreed that the relationship should be taken slow.

Chuck soon became a valuable member of Lily’s family and got close to Alfred like a real son. Six years later, Chuck proposed to Lily, and the pair happily tied the knot.


What can we learn from this story?

Don’t be afraid to tell your parents the truth

Dad’s can be hilarious at times

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