I Am About to Lose my woman Because I Dont Have Money for Wedding – Man Cries out as Other Men Contend for his woman – Legitpost.com.ng
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I Am About to Lose my woman Because I Dont Have Money for Wedding – Man Cries out as Other Men Contend for his woman

A Nigerian man who is so in love with his woman has cried for help and advice as his woman is being contended for by other men because he doesn’t have money to do a proper wedding.

See his touching story below;

I’ve been dating this girl for a year and some months now and she is literally everything I want and need in a woman. she is a queen, she understands me, cares about me, and I love her so much that I can literally do anything for her, I’m typing this with a heavy heart. last Sunday she graduated from a catering school, her father died when she was little, her mom and two brothers and her have had rough years. She also have had it rough to with life but she is so kind, name any good quality in s woman she has it, she is perfect. I’ve dated some girls but this one is God sent, an angel.

The problem now is like three men are seriously coming for her hand in marriage. She’s been crying and telling me about it and what am I saying? at the moment I dont have money to marry her but I know that this is the one for me, everything flows together with us. we understand each other perfectly, honestly tears keeps dropping from my eyes each time the thought of losing her comes to mind. Some say Nigerian girls are this and that and knows nothing about true love but brothers I swear with my life true love exists.

Honestly she’s the best, she will look at me and know if am worried or anything is wrong with me even when i try to pretend by laughing or making jokes so she wouldn’t be worried about me but she will look into my eyes and ask me what is wrong and( she just called me right now while I’m typing this) whenever she’s feeling bad or facing any issues I can feel it and I’ll call her or whenever I want to pick my phone and call her or missing her so much and about to call her as I’m reaching for my phone to call her my phone will start ringing and its her number calling and her character is the best any woman can posses. I’ll do anything to make her happy and she does too, the say no one is perfect but honestly she is.

Meeehn I know its messed up for a guy to cry, I’m not crying but I can’t just stop these freaking tears from rolling down my eyes, honestly true love really exists, there are very good girls out there. Her people are on her case, pushing her to marry one of the men that are coming for her hand and the pressure is too much on her, when she visits me she cries while telling me everything and nothing hurts me more than anything like to see her sad let alone crying. Brothers make una try your best and pray your plans work out so you won’t have to be in situations like this or have family problems and dont have money to take care of it. Sometimes we make plans but unforseen circumstances can mess things up like crazy. She told me she doesn’t want none of the suitors and only wants me and I want her too.

she’s hard working, down to earth and everything and right now I know it sounds stupid that I’m thinking of promising her marriage but it’s not about the fear of losing her or something but deep down inside me I’ve always known that she’s the one and I want to marry her.

Making babies can be done later when I must setup financial security and stuff, I’m also thinking of both of us travelling in the future because honestly I dont want to raise my kids in naija. I know it seems like a lot but I’m committed and focused to working towards this by utilization of time, opportunity and every skills I have. I’m trying to reach out to anyone for jobs and stuff because finance plays a major role.

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