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I Allowed Him To Do It, Because I Was So Much Into Him

I had promised myself that I wouldn’t get involved with a man who had a child. So when I started dating, I didn’t make room for baby daddies in my life. No matter how much they tried to convince me that they didn’t have baby mama drama, I told them no. It isn’t that I had something against the men, no.

It was my upbringing. My mother married my dad when he already had kids. And the experience for me was an unhappy childhood. In most stepmother and stepchildren stories, it is the stepmother who is presented as wicked or mean. Well, in our case it was the other way round. My half-siblings maltreated my mum and me. No matter what they did, my father took their side. I was his child but he treated me like a stepchild. Most of the time, he provided their needs and neglected ours.

That experience marred me. That’s why a man with a child was a deal breaker for me. I was sure I wouldn’t break my rule for anyone until Marcus came along. Even the strongest metal can bend when the right amount of pressure and heat is applied to it. That’s what happened when I…..Read Full Story Here…………………

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