Husband warned His Wife Not to Wear Bikini Dresses But The Unexpected Took Place

Catherine has been married to Joseph for two years. Their marriage is going well, except when Joseph becomes quite restrictive about clothing due to his traditional beliefs.

He disapproves of her wearing anything that shows a lot of skin or anything tight. She has given up shorts and sleeveless tops when going out to avoid long arguments.

He has even made her give up athletic leggings and she obliged for the sake of marital harmony. But what she struggles with a lot is his imposition that she must not wear two-piece bikinis.

Joseph is quite adamant about her wearing only a one-piece bikini when going to the beach. Not only that, but he also wants her to put on shorts on top of the bikini.

Catherine finds it unreasonable, leading to them having arguments and sometimes canceling beach plans altogether. But their biggest fight came when her girlfriends invited her to a girls’ overnight at a resort.

One of her closest friends was coming home from abroad, and Catherine was looking forward to having fun with her and their other close friends. But Joseph decided to rain on her parade.

After telling him about the girls’ night out, Joseph reminded her not to wear a two-piece bikini. Catherine already expected it, but she explained that all of them agreed to wear matching two-piece bikinis.

Catherine decided not to back down, telling her husband that he was living in antiquated times.

He went on his usual litany about women losing men’s respect and inviting danger because of skimpy clothing. Catherine has always tried to correct his victim-blaming stance.

But changing his mind seems to be a lost cause. Still, Catherine tried to convince Joseph that she and her friends were going to a safe resort and that they would have a whole pool to themselves.

She knew Joseph was being extra restrictive and protective because he would not be around. But she struggles to accept that he didn’t trust her even for just one night.

Catherine decided not to back down, telling her husband that he was living in antiquated times. She told her that all her friends were allowed by their husbands to wear two-piece bikinis.

Their argument escalated into a yelling match until Catherine stormed off to their room and began packing her clothes. She said she needed time away to cool off and be with her friends.

Joseph still insisted that she promise not to wear a two-piece bikini, even as she was contemplating spending a few days away from him. “I cannot believe you!” she cried.

Joseph was unable to stop her. Catherine plans to take a vacation miles away from home after her party with her friends and is seriously contemplating divorcing her husband.

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