How the Devil came into my Home as a Nanny, bewitched my baby and Caged my Husband using S€x – Woman shares Shocking Story –
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How the Devil came into my Home as a Nanny, bewitched my baby and Caged my Husband using S€x – Woman shares Shocking Story

Its no longer strange to see that Nannies have become thorns in the flesh in many homes in Nigeria today. A Nigerian woman has this shocking and True story to share.

See her story:

I am a career woman and so I take my Job very seriously. My husband is also a manager in one of the multinationals in Nigeria.

We had our first child after 2 years of marriage and it was really tough staying home to take care of the baby while the business suffer and so we had to hire a Nanny.

We did all the background checks and family checks but never knew we were hiring the devil. She was quite a young lady and a bit friendly and Jovial so I liked her when they brought her to me.

She had worked with us for 3 months already when I observed that my baby was getting really attached to her and was not even recognizing me as the mother any more. I asked some people and they said its because the Nanny is the one she sees more often.

I let that pass but I then noticed that she started an habit of crying exactly 12 midnight everyday. I will have to wakeup and breastfeed her and pet and pet until she sleeps again. It was getting weird when this repeated very often and when I checked my time it will be exactly 12 midnight.

I knew something was not right so I had to talk to a friend who introduced me to this spy camera. The very first day I set it up in the room in an hidden place I saw hell.

The camera is linked to my phone so I can log in and see what is happening. That day I just got to the office, I was watching the camera and seeing her playing with my baby. My baby was happy and smiling.

The laugh and play lasted for a couple of minutes so I just logged off and said all was fine. After about 15 minutes one mind started disturbing me to log-in, I did and guess what I saw…. My Nanny’s face had changed to a Monster’s face right in front of my baby. I screamed right in the office, ran to the car…. on the way I called my husband, he advised I call the police but what I saw looks spiritual so I branched the Pastor’s house and picked him along.

I think she knew I was coming and that I had seen her, so she was outside within the compound but just in front of the door holding my baby in the hand. Her face was normal now.

I drove in with the pastor, stood at a distance and asked what she was doing outside, she didn’t respond. The pastor challenged her and told her to go in and drop in the baby, she refused. We then knew that she had discovered we were coming. My pastor then started praying pleading the blood of Jesus and calling down Fire on her. Before my very eye, her face changed again and again and again. I wanted to rush to her and grab my baby but the pastor pulled me back and rather moved closer to her himself.

On getting close, her voice changed and she ordered him to stop. He didn’t stop so he moved close and started dragging the baby from her hand. She held the baby so close but through prayers and all she let go. After some hours of battle outside there, she fell on the ground and was like a dead person for more than 30 minutes then she stood up and was asking what she was doing in my compound.

Obviously she didn’t even know she was working as a Nanny in my house. She had bewitched my little baby and I was shocked my husband confessed he had slept with her twice so we had to do family deliverance with prayer and fasting for 7 days. We threw her out and sent her back and decided I will bring in one of my younger ones to come and be schooling from my house.

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