After his Mom’s funeral, his family abandoned him. But they had No clue what he would Later become –
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After his Mom’s funeral, his family abandoned him. But they had No clue what he would Later become

“After his mother’s funeral, his family abandoned him, but they had no clue what he would later become. In all 13 years of Timothy Foster’s life, he could never have guessed that things would turn out the way that they did. Since he was just a baby, it had just been him and his mother, Jasmine. The young woman had gotten pregnant when she was just a teenager and scared of having a child so young. The father had decided that he wanted nothing to do with either of them, terrified of raising a baby by herself but resolute that she was not going to get rid of her child.

Jasmine decided to do everything she could to ensure that both she and her baby had lives as good as she could possibly make them. The young woman worked hard during her pregnancy to earn enough money to provide a decent apartment for the two of them. The rest of her family had all thought that she was reckless due to her getting pregnant and so they didn’t want to help her at all. They thought that her hard work was the price she needed to pay for getting pregnant as a teenager.


Not caring about what her family thought of her, though Jasmine made sure to work hard enough that she was able to afford everything that she would need in order to take care of her baby when it finally arrived. Eventually, after nine long months, Jasmine’s son Timothy was born. He was a healthy and strong child, and Jasmine couldn’t have been more in love with him if she had tried.

Over the next few years, the young woman worked herself to the bone to provide for herself and her son. She wanted to give him the best chances in life and so if it meant that she worked long hours at a grueling job, then she was willing to do so. For the next 13 years, the mother and son duo were happy. They loved each other dearly and made sure to look after and support one another. They might have only been a small family with not a lot of money, but they were extremely happy.


But then everything changed when Timothy was only 13 years old. His mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. It turned out that all the years of back-breaking work had made her incredibly ill, and she had hidden it from Timothy in an effort to not make him worry. Sadly, despite doctors trying their best, Jasmine ended up passing away. Timothy was devastated; his mother, the one person he loved most and could count on for anything in the entire world, was gone.

With the death of his mother, Timothy was effectively made an orphan, as he didn’t know who his father was and it was likely that the man wouldn’t want to look after him even if he did. With no one else to take care of him, Timothy was forced to go and live with his aunt Pam, who had been Jasmine’s older sister by two years. She hated the idea of Timothy living with her. She had never gotten along with her sister and had condemned her getting pregnant and choosing to keep the baby. Now she was being forced to look after the very child she had told Jasmine to get rid of.


In order to live with his aunt, Timothy was forced to move to a city a couple of hours away from his original one. The young boy hated the fact that not only had he lost his mother, but he was also losing his home and his friends as well. But Pam didn’t care and forced the child to move anyway. Once at Pam’s house, things didn’t get any better for Timothy. Instead of being looked after by his aunt, she instead treated him as if he was a slave. She would make him do all of the chores in the house and run any errands that she didn’t want to do. Timothy hated how his life had changed and wished more than anything that his mother would come back to him.

One evening, Pam decided that she wanted some snacks from the store and so she sent Timothy out with a little bit of money to pick them up. The boy made his way to the local shop, but as he was about to enter, he noticed a bus pulling up to the local bus stop. It said that it was traveling to various different stops quite a long way away from where he was currently. At that moment, Timothy made up his mind.


With nothing but the clothes on his back, the young boy boarded the bus and sat down. He traveled for a few hours, watching the scenery around him change, until at last he exited the bus in a city that he didn’t know the name of. However, it was then that Timothy realized that he had no clue where he was going to go. He didn’t have a home to call his own anymore, nor any money to buy himself something warm to eat.

For a few hours, the boy walked up and down the streets of the city, careful to avoid anyone who looked like they would cause him some trouble. Eventually, Timothy made it to a small park where he stumbled across a lone man sitting on a bench. At first, Timothy decided to walk away as he had no clue who this person was, but then he heard something strange. It sounded like the man was crying. Curious about what was wrong, Timothy approached the man and cautiously asked if he was okay. The man quickly wiped his eyes and told him that he was fine.


Timothy shrugged and started to walk away when the man called out for him to stop. ‘Aren’t you a bit young to be out at this time of night on your own?’ he asked. Timothy didn’t say anything and just looked down at his feet. Sensing that there was something wrong, the man, who introduced himself as Arnold Jones, asked the young boy to sit down with him and explain his story. Finally reaching his breaking point, Timothy agreed and told the man all about his mother and everything that had happened since her passing, ending with him running away.

After telling his story, Timothy felt slightly better. He then decided to ask the man why he was crying earlier. Sighing, the man explained how he and his wife of 10 years had recently divorced. He had discovered that she had been cheating on him with his best friend for several years. And needless to say, he quickly left her. But the worst part about the whole situation was that his son wasn’t actually his at all but his best friend’s. Arnold was heartbroken at the fact that his entire family had been ripped away from him.


Timothy sat in silence with the man for quite a while before suddenly his stomach started to growl. Arnold looked at the boy in sympathy before offering him a spare room at his home. Timothy quickly agreed as he was starving and incredibly cold. The two quickly made their way back to Arnold’s house, but when Timothy saw it, he was amazed. It turned out that Arnold was a very wealthy man and that his so-called house was actually a mansion. After having something hot to eat, Timothy quickly went to bed.

The next morning, Arnold tried to convince the boy to go back to his aunt, as she must be worried sick. However, the boy refused. He told the man that if he sent him back, then he would just run away again. Sighing, Arnold decided to look after the boy until he could convince him to return to his home. Over the next few days, the two began to get to know each other more and discovered that they had a lot in common, such as they both loved films and ’80s rock music, along with lots of other things.


Soon, the days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. Soon enough, Arnold and Timothy were acting like they were a son and a father, and they both enjoyed each other’s company greatly. One day, Arnold decided to call up Timothy’s aunt and get her to sign over legal guardianship of the boy to him. The woman happily agreed, as she hadn’t wanted him in the first place. Once that was done, it was official: Timothy had legally been adopted by Arnold.

Years went by, and the bond between the two only grew. Timothy turned into a young man whose passion was to become a great film director. Arnold supported his dream entirely. But even though he was rich, Timothy decided that he didn’t want financial help from his father, as he wanted to make it in the industry on his own merit. It wasn’t long before Timothy was directing his own film, and it was a huge hit at the box office. Timothy quickly became very wealthy with money that he had earned himself.


After gaining a reputation as one of the best up-and-coming new directors, it wasn’t long before Timothy’s aunt called him up. She couldn’t believe what he had become. She had seen how well he was doing and had decided that she was owed some of that money for looking after him when his mother had died. She tried to blackmail the young man, but Timothy was having none of it. He told Pam that she had been nothing but a horrible person to him even before his mother’s death and that he didn’t owe her anything.

Then Timothy told his aunt never to contact him again as he didn’t want her in his life and hung up on her. The young man smiled. His life may not have started off how he wanted it to, but he was happy now and he knew that his mother would be looking down on him and that she would be happy with his life as well. Sometimes the best thing to do in life is to cut the toxic people out of it. It might be hard, but in the end, your own happiness comes first.”


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