How I am going to handle a girl who refused to date me because I was broke but is running after me now that I have money — Businessman

According to him;

I don’t like hurting women but I’m definitely gonna break this one’s heart so bad that she’ll quit being a hungry girl in her life.

So I met this girl about 5 years ago, when I was really still struggling in life. I liked her and she liked me too but she doesn’t wanna. date me because I was really broke, she didn’t put it that way then but with what happened recently it became evident that she rejected me then coz I was broke. Back I was her best friend, we vibed and spent a lot of time together, at some point I asked her out but she.

turned me down giving me different excuses, the major excuse being that she isn’t ready for any relationship at that point, she even asked us to both wait for six months and see what happens between us.

like some we could date after studying each other for 6 months kindashit. I’m a cute guy and I had a lotta babes flocking but I decided to lay them all off coz I really loved this girl, so I agreed with the six months plan.

Just two weeks into the plan, this babe agreed to date another guy coz she found out that the guy was going to travel out the following month (to Dubai), this girl began to ignore me and she even slapped me on a particular night coz I won’t stop going to wait at their gate to just see her. Well, I took my L, dusted myself and moved on. Lovey dovey pictures of she and the guy.

began flying up and down her month reach the guy flew out, their love continued, he began sending stuffs like phones, money and all for this girl. She began living the life on a low, she was really pressing my neck in our area back then, sha I faced my hustle.

.in my little way I started grinding too, about 2 years later the guy dumped her, happened that I already left the area within those two years, we had each other on WhatsApp but she totally ignored me and I ignored too. So early this year I got a gig and I decided to go.

chill in that same Dubai that was her reason for dumping me. She saw the in flight pictures I posted on my WhatsApp and pictures of me doing stuffs in Dubai and she came straight into my DM telling me how I “IGNORED” her, how I just moved on without asking questions.

etc, now she’s already selling the “I’ve always loved you, I needed you to push harder” thrash to me, telling me how much she can’t wait to see me, she’s begging that we start all over again. I’m flying into the country in two weeks, I’ll accept her offer and act like.

. I’ve forgiven her, I’ll fuck her like the thief she is for the next 4 months, I’ll spoil her with things and make sure she falls deeply in love, her birthday is in August.. I’ll organise a birthday party for her and break up with her in the middle of it.
I’m staying wicked!

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