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How God Fought My Battle For Me On Val’s Day

She wished me a happy Valentine’s Day in the morning and told me she was going to see me in the evening. I didn’t see or hear from her again until the 16th of February, two clear days after Val’s day. When she papered online she sent me a message, “You don’t care about me, do you? If I died, I would have died in vain all because of you.”

I got angry. I called her with my temper high;  “What are you talking about? You disappear for two days and reappear to tell me this? Do you think I’m a small boy to be fooled? Where did you go?” She started sobbing on the phone; “They nearly killed me. You should see what they did to my face. I thought I was going to die.”

It sounded more serious than I figured so I quickly jumped into a taxi and went to her place. She had some lacerations at the lower part of her eyes and bruised lips. Her upper lip was slightly swollen. She breathed heavily like the bridge of her nose was broken.

She told me she was on her way to my place when the guys in the taxi she took kidnapped her. They took her phones and took her purse and tied her to a pillar in an uncompleted building. I quickly asked, “Did they do it?” She sobbed while shaking her head. I hugged her and said sorry. I nearly cried with her. I held her hand and took her to the hospital and was later discharged that same day.

A few days later, a friend reached out. He asked, “Are you still with her?” I asked him to explain his question. He screamed, “E no be your girl wey the wife of ein sugar daddy whip am on Val’s day?”

That is the truth. She went out with her sugar daddy and the wife caught them in a hotel. She took her phone and snatched her bag after scratching her face with her long nails. Out of embarrassment, she went to hide with her friend. It was a friend of her friend who leaked the story for my friend to hear.

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Akos, tomorrow is the first anniversary of your beatings. How are you going to celebrate it? You will go to church and say thank you to God? What’s the dress code, I would like to follow you to church. Or it’s business as usual? New sugar daddy for Valentine’s?

In your next life, don’t take a child of God for granted when he gives you all his heart. God fights our battle for us even when we are sleeping. You thought I wouldn’t know the truth, right? I hope you turn a new leaf and give your life to Tumi Nyinaa Wura Nyankopon or else…


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