Couple That Has Lived In A Sewer For 22 Years Shows What It Looks Like On The Inside –
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Couple That Has Lived In A Sewer For 22 Years Shows What It Looks Like On The Inside

“A couple of its lived in a sewer for 22 years. Shows what it looks like on the inside. True love can turn any place into a paradise on Earth. The lives of this Colombian couple changed completely when they moved into a sewer.

They’ve been struggling with addiction for decades but use their unusual living circumstances as a means to finally change their life around. They’ve now turned their gutter home into their own little private paradise. This story shows that you can never judge someone by factors like their appearance or their way of life. This Colombian couple is extremely happy despite living in what most wouldn’t consider suitable living quarters.

Today, we’ll show you what the sewer home of the Colombian couple Maria and Miguel looks like. Spoiler alert: it’s not what you would expect. There are two types of people in this world – those who care about materialistic luxuries and those who don’t.


By looking at Maria and Miguel’s sewer home, you realize they’re part of the group who don’t. They live in a sewer without any of the luxuries of modern society, but they’re still very happy with their lives. They’re usually very private about their home but have now agreed to give us an inside look.

When Maria and Miguel met on the streets of Medellin, Colombia, they were both drug addicts. Life had been rough for the two, and the city they lived in didn’t make it easy on them either. The area was known for its violence and drug trafficking cartels, and life looked pretty hopeless.

They had no idea that their future was about to change when they met each other. Because of their addiction, both hadn’t had a job in years; they had no money and no place to sleep, so they spent the night by the side of the street. They met while sleeping in the same area and soon fell in love. Their relationship developed, and then they made a decision that would change everything.


When together, it finally felt like life had a purpose. Things felt like they were about to be so much better than the years before. They decided to get rid of their addiction and enjoy life together. This also meant living together. Unfortunately, the two didn’t have the money to rent a room or buy a house; they had to be creative.

It was tough to find a place to live without any money, so they had to find another place to sleep. They were used to sleeping by the side of the road, but now they wanted a place of their own. One day, Miguel found a place that might just fit their needs; the only problem was, it was a sewer.


The sewer Miguel found was out of use; it was completely dry and looked a bit like a bomb shelter. The front door was a sewer cap, but the inside wasn’t very large. Still, it looked like it could house two people if they really wanted to make it work. The future had now begun, and they would turn it into something amazing.

So, they spent the next 22 years in the sewer. Their love for each other only grew stronger, and they managed to overcome their addiction completely. You might think that a sewer would be a nasty place to live, but Miguel and Maria have proven that you can turn anything into a home as long as you’re willing.

Now, finally, they show what their sewer home looks like. As you can see in the picture, it looks pretty cozy, and they even have electricity, lights, heating, and a little kitchen. Although their sewer home isn’t very large, they’ve divided it into separate areas.


In the picture, you can see the couple in their bedroom, and they don’t mind their home being a bit messy; everything beats sleeping on the street. They say the two have managed to make good use of the space, using makeshift shelves to store their clothes, but that’s not all.

Here, you can see what the surroundings of the sewer home look like. In the picture, you can also see their dog, Blackie, who guards the home when the couple’s away and does so very effectively. Can you believe that nobody’s ever stolen anything from the sewer home? Maria and Miguel have a message to share with the world.

This is why they finally allowed us to take a look inside their sewer home. They want to prove that material possessions aren’t as important as true love. When you love someone, you can make anything work, even living in a sewer.”

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