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How A Muslims Leader Renounces Islam And Converts to Christianity

Muslims Leader renounces Islam, Converts to Christianity

The leader of the Muslims against Terror Organization (MATO) from Nigeria, Africa, and to the rest of the world, Doctor Ahmad Amadi has renounced Islam and converted to Christianity.

Doctor Ahmad Amadi jnr was the ” Commander’ of Muslim against terror organization
Doctor Ahmad Amadi jnr was the ” Commander’ of Muslim against terror organization from Nigeria to the world.

He is a member of Nigeria civilian vigilante force also known as ” Civilian-JTF”, a member of the Nigeria police (community relations committee PCRC) force headquarter Abuja, Nigeria; Muslims against terrorism (USA); Council on American Islamic relation; United state institute of peace( USIP); Muslim peace council of U.S.A. And many more.


According to the website; “Muslims Against is a forum for Muslims from Nigeria and all over the world, Established 2012, to declare the truth and peace we truly believe and encourage mutual cooperation, understanding, and empathy between all who believe in God and strive for righteousness”

Dr Amadi has however encounter Jesus Christ and renounced Islam, He stated that he has notified the Muslims Community, Muslims Against Terror Members, that; He is no Longer a Muslim, but a Christians.

According to him, the announcement of my new religion (Christian) has spread in 13 villages in Igbere including the “Eke-Igbere”. The goodnews shock some resident that knows him and also in his community.

Pray that Dr Amadi grows in his new found faith in Christ, in grace and knowledge, that He be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men.

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