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A Mother Heard a Heartbreaking Scream From Her Baby’s Room, What She Saw Was Absolutely Terrifying

“A woman heard a heartbreaking scream from her baby’s room. She ran and saw the most terrifying thing. When this mother approached her baby’s crib after hearing a loud, heartbreaking scream, she never thought she would come face to face with death. To this day, her story is still being told—a story that could happen to you too.

Newlyweds Roy and Vernita Rogers had always dreamed of having a large family. When they married, they immediately set to work and were soon happy with the news that the wife had become pregnant. But fate decided otherwise. As it turned out, Roy and Vernita had not been able to experience the joy of parenthood as they would have liked. For a long time, Vernita told her husband three times that she had become pregnant, took care of herself during the nine months of gestation, and even monitored her condition in a hospital. But all three times, her babies died after birth.


So, after the death of their third child, Roy and Vernita thought it might be their destiny never to have a child and decided not to try again. They gave up the desire to have a big family, and the illusions and the desire were gone forever. Somehow, the couple gave up. But after taking so much care of themselves, fate suddenly gave them an unexpected gift.

Vernita found out that she was pregnant again, and when Vernita learned of her fourth pregnancy, she was initially frightened. She didn’t want to go through all the horror and anguish she had gone through before. Not only that, but also the fear of losing the baby haunted her every second. However, Roy convinced Vernita that this time everything would be all right. He believed in that, and probably, this belief was what helped Bernida give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl named Stacy.


The daughter became the only meaning of life for Roy and Vernita, and they even put aside some things to spend more time with their little girl. Roy and Vernita are not very superstitious, but after they had Stacy, they thought that everything good that happened to them was thanks to the little black cat that appeared in their house many months before. You see, just before she got pregnant, Vernita brought a little black kitten into her home.

The woman found it abandoned on the street and felt sorry to leave it there in the midst of danger, so she took it with her. The husband didn’t object; at least someone would be waiting for him at the door of the house after work. Right after the cat’s appearance in their house, the spouses started to have a better life. During that time, Stacy was born without any problem.


As I said before, the couple wanted to spend all their time with their daughter. They installed a camera in her room to always be aware of everything happening to the little girl. But it was not the camera that warned them about the danger hidden in the room; it was the family cat.

That feline, whom Roy and Vernita named Midnight, had become close friends with Stacy. It was he who did something hard to believe in order to save her. When Stacy was six weeks old, she became very ill. Roy and Vernita took her to the doctor, and at the hospital, they were assured that the child had a common cold. The couple returned home with their daughter.

Vernita put Stacy to bed and left her in her room. She herself went to the kitchen to make something to eat. She had also received a visit from her parents, so she was distracted by them. Less than five minutes later, the woman saw Midnight approaching her. It was as if he was trying to say something.


He climbed on her legs and got off; he did it several times. But she didn’t pay attention to him, so the feline left. A minute later, Vernita heard a blood-curdling, heart-rending scream from her baby’s room. She rushed cautiously to her daughter’s room, calling Roy and her parents for help. Upon entering the room, she witnessed a terrifying sight. Her daughter was struggling; the child’s skin had turned blue.

Hastily clutching the baby in her arms, Vernita left her house and quickly got into her husband’s car. They drove to the hospital, and the doctor saved her baby. It turned out that she had a severe viral infection.

The baby had respiratory problems and could have died, but her fate changed. If it had not been for the cat, the baby would most likely have died. The cat saved Stacy, but not only her—it also saved Roy and Vernita. There is no telling what would have become of the parents if, after all the effort and trials of life, they had lost Stacy.


Stacy spent a few more weeks in the hospital and completely healed. The girl returned home again, safe and sound. Meanwhile, Midnight continued to be her personal guardian angel. When Stacy grew up, her parents told her about this event.

The little girl was amazed and couldn’t believe it, but she agreed on one thing—it was thanks to the cat that she was now alive. Then Roy and Vernita were invited to a TV interview and told the world in detail how their pet rescued their daughter, and not only their country knew about what Midnight did, but the whole world.


Midnight lived in Roy and Vernita’s house, but life is not forever. In his old age, at the age of 14, he took his last breath. The family even made him a small monument next to his grave to remember him always. Midnight will remain forever in their memory and in their hearts, and why not, also in the hearts of the people who knew his story.

Angels exist, and sometimes they do not have wings; sometimes they are hairy, have four legs, and are so pure that none of us could compare to them. Unfortunately, many of us don’t know how to appreciate them, because if we did, there wouldn’t be any angels out there going hungry, cold, sick, and facing the dangers of the street.

Once, Midnight was the one saved, so he paid his debt. I hope you found this story useful. If so, feel free to give us a thumbs up, comment, and share. Thank you very much for reading. By the way, I invite you to subscribe to this channel if you are not already and activate the notification bell to receive the latest updates we upload. See you next time.”



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