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He Asked For It And I Gave It To Him

Five years ago when we met, he wanted us to get married. Everything about our relationship had to do with marriage. We were in school so we took things slowly. Even then, he got ahead of our plans sometimes.

I remember when he wanted us to enter a jewellery shop at the mall so he could get to know my ring size. Everything just felt right with him. The day he wanted to introduce himself officially to my mum, he asked that I engage her in a conversation about his intentions for us to settle down and share with him her response. My mum was happy for us but her main concern was, “You two are fresh graduates now.

Is it not too soon for you to get married? Don’t you want to take your time and prepare for your future before you commit to it?” He had something going on at the time, but I was still job hunting. I remember the days when he would send me job applications. When I got called, he would take me to the interview, and bring me back home. If we wait and I don’t hear back from the interviewers, he would give me the…..Read Full Story Here.………….

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