Hardworking Lady Becomes a Vulcaniser, Says She Was Mocked by People Because of Her Career Choice (Video)

female auto-mechanic and vulcaniser Hannah Amako has recounted how she made strides in the male-dominated field.

The determined and resilient lady recalled that many people discouraged her after she ventured into the automobile industry because of her gender.

Amako spoke to DJ Nyaami of SVTV Africa and revealed how she’s now making remarkable progress in her chosen field.

When Hannah Amako decided to venture into the automobile industry, she faced discouragements from many people but overcame them and is now making strides. The resilient lady faced financial difficulties and could not further her education after senior high school because her father passed.

Speaking with DJ Nyaami of SVTV Africa, Amako revealed that she decided to venture into the automobile industry because her mother could not afford to finance her education.

Pursuing a career in the automobile industry Amako quit her football dream to pursue a career in the automobile industry and recalls facing discouragements from people, including her male colleagues after she started her training to become a mechanic and vulcaniser.

Overcoming the challenges Amako revealed that she learned on the job for three years before getting a job with her current employer.

”I can fix petrol cars, especially underworks. I change oil, alignment, change tires, balancing, etc.” Even though many people dissuaded her while others mocked her because of her job, she was not disheartened. Now, Amako is making laudable strides in the profession ruled by men.

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