Son Married His Own Mother but What Happened on the Wedding Day Is Horrifying –
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Son Married His Own Mother but What Happened on the Wedding Day Is Horrifying

A Spaniard called Bernardo tricked his own mother into marrying him, but on the day of the wedding, the horrifying truth came out. In the picturesque countryside of Andalusia, there lived a man named Bernardo, born into a respectable Spanish family. Little did anyone know that Bernardo harbored a dark and twisted ambition, willing to venture to unimaginable lengths to fulfill his deepest desires.

Bernardo’s childhood was filled with tales of his parents’ enduring love. His mother, Isabella, and his father, Octavio, were once childhood friends themselves, hailing from a charming village on the outskirts of Catalunya. In their youth, Octavio made a solemn promise to Isabella, a promise that would shape their destiny. He vowed to build her a majestic castle once they built a fortune.

Although they lived in a mining town, Octavio found his calling in the world of agriculture, where he could connect with nature and breathe in the fresh air. With a profound love for the earth, he dedicated his days to nurturing the bountiful orchards that dotted their idyllic estate. On their land, where the lush orchards flourished, Octavio found solace in its tranquil beauty.

One fateful day, as he toiled under the radiant sun, tending to his beloved fruit-bearing trees, exhaustion washed over him. Seeking respite, Octavio decided to rest near the crystal clear river that gracefully found its way through their property. Dipping his hands into the cool waters, Octavio relished the soothing sensation as he washed away the dirt and sweat of his labor. Just as he was about to withdraw his hands, a glimmer caught his keen eye. Startled, he peered into the riverbed and beheld a sight that filled him with awe. There, amidst the pebbles and sand, lay a sparkling golden nugget — an extraordinary rarity in this region.

With his heart pounding with excitement, Octavio carefully retrieved the precious nugget from the river. The weight of the golden treasure filled his hands, and the surge of hope coursed through his veins. Legends whispered that where one gold nugget rested, many more could be found. With unwavering resolve, Octavio readily made his way back home, eager to share this extraordinary discovery with his beloved wife, Isabella.

Isabella, still basking in the joy of motherhood, greeted Octavio with a tender smile as he burst through the door. Her eyes widened in disbelief as he presented the gleaming nugget — a symbol of untold wealth and possibility. They knew that their modest agrarian life, though honest and fulfilling, could be forever transformed by the abundance lying beneath their feet.

Fueled by newfound motivation, Octavio vowed to uncover the full extent of the treasure buried beneath their land. With each passing week, they labored diligently, driven by the allure of prosperity and the dreams that lay within their grasp. Secretly, they dug in silence, their shared secret tucked away, hidden from the prying eyes of the world. Their persistence and unwavering dedication bore fruit — only this time, it was not the succulent harvest of their orchards. Octavio and Isabella unearthed several more precious gold nuggets, each one a testament to their perseverance and the blessings bestowed upon them.

The dreams Octavio had woven for his beloved Isabella and their cherished son, Bernardo, began to materialize before their very eyes. Thanks to this miraculous discovery, Octavio would be able to fulfill his promise. True to his word, Octavio set out to build a magnificent castle that would stand as a testament to his love for Isabella and the legacy he desired to leave behind. With the wealth they had acquired, no expense was spared in the construction of this grand building. The construction took years, as it was a large project that required a lot of labor and time.

However, as the final stones were laid and the castle stood in all its majestic glory, a cruel twist of fate descended upon their lives. Octavio, weakened by the arduous labor and abiding cold that seeped through his bones, fell victim to a severe bout of pneumonia in the prime of his life. He was taken from Isabella and their young son, leaving a void that could never be filled.

Isabella, now burdened with grief and the weight of her newfound wealth, found solace in the memory of Octavio’s unwavering love and the castle he had built. The opulent walls stood as a testament to their enduring bond and the dreams they had shared. Though Octavio’s physical presence was no longer with them, his spirit and the love he had poured into every stone remained a constant reminder of their journey.

Isabella, adorned with the weight of her husband’s absence, found solace in the existence of a hidden treasure deep within the recesses of the majestic castle that Octavio had built. Kept a secret, a cache of gold nuggets served as a reminder of their extraordinary fortune and a lifeline for uncertain times.

The years had passed, and Bernardo, now a young man, had grown up without the guidance of his father. Though he was raised in opulence and privilege, Isabella made sure to instill in him the values of their humble origins as farmers. She attempted to nurture humility within him, reminding him of the importance of family and the struggles they had overcome.

However, Bernardo, with his fiery determination, carved his own path fixated on power and wealth. His ambitions knew no bounds, and he yearned to surpass even the heights his father had reached. Realizing that his grand aspirations required substantial capital, Bernardo sought financial means to fund his ambitious business ventures.

He approached his mother, hopeful that she would assist him in his endeavors. But Isabella, wise and discerning, refused to indulge his insatiable desire for wealth, knowing that the pursuit of power could cloud one’s judgment and erode the values they held dear. Frustrated by his mother’s denial, Bernardo realized that he needed to take drastic measures to acquire the resources necessary for his entrepreneurial dreams.

Deep within his heart, he knew that his mother knew where the hidden gold nuggets were, but she kept them locked away. Isabella, now a woman in her graceful 60s, remained steadfast in her love for her late husband. Though she held no desire to search for love again, Bernardo, driven by his insidious ambition, conceived an audacious plan that bordered on madness.

He resolved to deceive his own mother, masquerading as an older man seeking companionship. He set out to win his mother’s affection and manipulate her into marriage. Octavio and Isabella had exchanged countless love letters throughout their enduring romance, and years into their marriage, Bernardo discovering this treasure trove of heartfelt expressions came determined to emulate his father’s profound love.

He studied the letters, absorbing their essence and striving to embody Octavio’s devotion. With meticulous attention to detail, Bernardo transformed himself into a different person, wearing the clothes of his friend’s father, gluing on a fake beard, and always wearing a brown fedora hat. For weeks, he courted her, demonstrating unwavering devotion. Bernardo went to great lengths to create a facade that mirrored the love his father, Octavio, had once bestowed upon her.

Isabella, unsuspecting, soon found herself captivated by the charming stranger’s attention. Their connection deepened, and plans for a wedding were set in motion. As the day of the ceremony arrived, Bernardo’s hope soared. He believed that the act of matrimony should finally compel his mother to reveal the location of the hidden gold.

But what happened on the wedding day is horrifying. Isabella, looking radiant in her bridal gown, approached Bernardo and gently requested that he remove his hat. Sure that his beard and disguised appearance were enough to trick his foolish mother, Bernardo heeded her request and removed his hat. However, at that moment, a wave of recognition washed over Isabella. The truth unveiled itself, shattering her heart into fragments of betrayal and despair.

At that moment, Bernardo’s insatiable greed and deceit were laid bare before her. Bernardo immediately fled from the scene, leaving Isabella standing at the wedding, looking hopeless and foolish. It took time for Isabella to recover from this tragic act of betrayal from her only son.

Isabella sought solace at her beloved husband’s graveside, where she found the strength to amend her will and ensure the fate of her heirlooms and beloved castle. In her will, Isabella made a resolute decision — one that would safeguard their wealth from the ravages of greed and ensure that her and Octavio’s legacy remained untarnished.

With careful consideration, she excluded Bernardo from their fortune, entrusting it instead to a trusted confidante who had stood by their side through the trials and tribulations of their lives. This custodian, bound by a solemn duty, would preserve the wealth as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the values they held dear.

Isabella never heard from her son, Bernardo, again after this day, and she lived a happy life in her castle, surrounded by the work of her one true love. What do you think of this wild story? Would you do the same as Isabella and change the family well? Let us know in the comments below.”

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