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Fearless Nigerian man risks his life To Prove to Nigerians that the Superstition that Ghosts walk around in Market Place is Fake. He went to Iyana Ipaja Market Bend over and looked under his legs with mirror and still didn’t see any Ghost or run mad

A brave Nigerian man decided to challenge a long-held belief that ghosts haunt the busy Iyana Ipaja Market in Nigeria. With great courage, he aimed to show fellow Nigerians that the idea of spirits wandering around the marketplace was completely untrue.

The man, whose name we do not know, embarked on his mission one sunny morning. Armed only with a mirror and his bravery, he fearlessly walked through the crowded streets and stalls of the Iyana Ipaja Market. He wanted to prove that the belief in ghostly beings in the market was not real.

Ignoring the doubts of people watching, the daring man ventured deep into the market. As shoppers and sellers looked on in surprise, he got down on the ground and placed the mirror beneath his legs, ready to face any ghostly figure that might appear.

Time passed, and the market remained bustling and full of life. To everyone’s surprise, no ghosts showed up.

The market had its usual lively atmosphere, with no sign of any spirits. The brave man had successfully shown that the long-held superstition was false.


However some people feel very sorry for the young man involved in the incident. They genuinely hope that he doesn’t find what he’s looking for and that he doesn’t end up becoming what he’s searching for in the market. Now that the incident is on the internet, they think it’s important for anyone who knows him to advise him to stop his actions immediately. They believe that continuing with such foolishness could lead to lifelong regret. Some people simply think it’s a foolish thing to do.


Another person shared a story about their experience in school (in Ogun State). They were coming back from studying at night when they saw someone walking towards them with a lantern from a distance. But as the person got closer, they realized that there was nobody holding the lantern—it was just floating in the air. This scared them a lot, and they ran as fast as they could, comparing their speed to that of Usain Bolt, the famous sprinter. The person tells the story with a sense of humor, but it shows that they were both frightened and amazed by the strange encounter.

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