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Father installed a hidden camera in the kitchen and saw some terrible FOOTAGE

It’s no secret that the most precious thing for every parent is their child. Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle leaves parents with less and less time to spend with their children, and the main reason for this is work. Each family chooses their own approach to this issue; some ask friends to babysit, others resort to the help of grandparents, and some take the more practical route and hire a nanny.

Jonathan Lye and his wife are a young family from California. They live in the town of Irvine and have a little son, Josh. Both parents work full time; Jonathan is in real estate, and his wife is a lawyer in a large company. Due to the enormous workload, they don’t have much time to spend with their child, but they want him to be raised well with outdoor walks, home-cooked meals, etc. So, as it often happens in such cases, they began to search for a person whom they could trust with their child, and that takes a lot of time since it’s a very important decision.

Having called half of the agencies in town and interviewed many nannies, the couple finally settled on one candidate for this immensely important role. The honor of taking care of their child went to Jenna Lee Baker, a young woman with little work experience. The couple saw how the young lady treated their child, how she literally spoon-fed him, and rushed to protect him at every step, all the while treating him as if he were their own. ‘What was important for us is that she was natural at it. She wasn’t playing a role as it happens with many nannies,’ the parents said.

Jenna took Josh to a playground after class, as she always does. Outdoor games have always been a must for the growing body, and the child was running around the swings and slides and having fun. The nanny was sitting nearby, closely watching him, making sure that the boy didn’t fall and nothing bad happened to him. When Josh came back running, tired but happy, Jenna cleaned him up a bit, and they headed home.

Having just stepped through the door, the nanny felt that something was off with the house. First, she noticed that some things weren’t put away the way she left them, and other rooms were a total mess. Of course, cleaning up was also in her job description, and the girl always did it after their walks, but the child couldn’t have made this mess because they were out all morning and the toys were in place. At first, the nanny didn’t realize that there was some stranger in the house and that both she and the child were in real danger. And by the time she did realize what was going on, the child had already run into the kitchen, loudly screaming for her to come join him. Immediately after that, Jenna heard a noise upstairs. Now she was sure they weren’t alone in the house.

We can’t know what we would have done in this kind of situation, especially if we were a young, defenseless woman without special training and not knowing who was upstairs or even how many people were there and what to expect from them. But Jenna didn’t get flustered. She quickly ran into the kitchen, grabbed the child, and ran for the street. It would seem that danger had passed, but then she saw a large male silhouette descending the stairs toward her. Instead of panicking, the nanny immediately ran for the neighbors and called the police, all the while holding Josh in her arms.

The security camera footage shows how it all went down, including the nanny’s quick reaction to what was happening. The video shows the burglar sneaking inside the house and walking around in search of jewelry and wallets. When Jonathan found out about the incident, he admitted that it was hard for him to imagine that this could happen to his family. ‘All my sense of security in the house is completely violated,’ the man said. ‘What Jenna did for my son is incredible. I am very grateful to her and glad that she is in our life. Honestly, this is amazing because usually everyone thinks only about their own life, but here’s a fragile young lady who didn’t get scared and thought about someone else’s child before herself.’

The Lye spouses believed that Jenna had literally become Josh’s guardian angel because she never left the child for a second. To which Jenna modestly replies that she doesn’t see herself as a hero because everyone would have done the same in her place. But according to the Irvine police, no one knows what the burglar could have done in such an extreme situation. The consequences could have been very serious.

So friends, what do you think about what the young nanny did? Share your thoughts in the comments, and that’s all for today. See you soon!”

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