Endtime: Reactions As Pastor Marries 4 Women in Colorful Wedding, Claims Bible Supports Polygamy

Zagabe Chiluza, an eastern Congolese guy, made headlines after marrying four wives.

The polygamous pastor married the four women, all virgins, in a colourful wedding ceremony a year ago. According to AfriMax English, the man of the cloth always shares scriptures from the Holy Book to prove polygamy isn’t a sin.

“I have one wife already and today I’m going to marry these four. They will join the first wife,” he said on his wedding day.

He claimed the idea of marrying more wives originated from the Bible.

“Jacob had many wives Leah and Rachel, then Bilha and Zilpa…four wives for one man,” he said.

Zagabe said he got saved in 1986, and during the wedding, while addressing the guests, he said; “I’m glad to have five wives.”

Polygamy is accepted in the Bible, according to some members of Zagabe’s congregation. A year after sharing Zagabe’s wedding and his wife at their home, AfriMax paid a visit to the man of God, and they were happily wedded.

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