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I Gave My Girlfriend Out To My Rich Friend So We Could Extort Money From Him

years ago I was doing fraud. Someone introduced my friend to it and he also introduced me. There are levels to the game. We were at the bottom of the ladder in the game so we didn’t make much but the risk involved was top-notch. Apart from the risk, you have to put in the work every day before you can earn GHC500 a week.

We slept very little because our clients were all over the world and the time difference meant we had to stay awake to be able to chat with them. One day, I hit big. I got GHC7,000 from a deal and the first thing I did was buy my girlfriend Cynthia an iPhone. She knew I was into fraud but she wasn’t interested. When I got her the iPhone and told her how I got it, she became interested in the business

So when I had a client and pretended I was a girl, it was Cynthia who talked to them. When it came to video calls, she was the one who did. We still struggled. The money wasn’t flowing as was expected so we stopped the business.

Life was hard for two unemployed people in love. I couldn’t help her. I couldn’t even help myself so we lived on the benevolence of friends who were making it in the game.

A friend of mine, Ernest, came from Canada one day and we were all hanging out. Later that night Cynthia told me, “Your friend likes me. He was looking at me someway and was licking his lips. Let’s get money from him. Don’t tell him I’m your girlfriend. Let him have me so we get money from him.”

Ernest was once part of the game. He got money and travelled outside. I told Cynthia Ernest might get the clue but she was very positive about getting money so we gave it a try. The only caveat was, “Don’t let him sleep with you. Never.”

A week later, she brought me GHC500. “He gave me GHC1,000. That’s your cut,” she said.

Ernest was hiding the affair because he thought I would be angry if I see he was dating my sister. He was even hiding it from the squad but we knew what we were doing.

He was here for a month and we made quite an amount.

When he left, he was still sending money. Cynthia gave me my share. I found a job and told her to stop seeing Ernest. She didn’t stop. It turned into a fight where I threatened to let the cat out of the bag. She said, “If you try it, you’ll go to jail. You know I know all your past deals. How much can you give me that you want me to stop seeing Ernest?”

As I write this, Cynthia is in Canada with Ernest and the two of them are living their best lives together. I see their photos and I cry inside. I see the videos on Instagram and I want to kick them in the video.

Ernest knows the truth now. I think Cynthia told him in a way that she wouldn’t be guilty, like, “He gave me to you so we could get money from you but I fell for you because you’re a good person.” Something like that.

They had the last laugh, I must admit. The last time I spoke to Cynthia, she told me, “If you will stop being bitter, I will send you something small every month. I don’t hate you so you don’t have to hate me.”

Because money is money, I nodded my head and kicked the bitterness out of my heart.

That girl is very honest, the only scammer who’s honest. She kept her word. She sends me money now and then. Slowly, she’s building the burnt bridge between me and my old friend Ernest. She scammed me but I can’t complain much. I still love her but in a different way. I love her as someone who takes care of me.

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