Crooner JJC Skillz’ Son Benito Narrates How His Dad Beat Him Up And Told Him He Was Useless And Would K!Il Him –
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Crooner JJC Skillz’ Son Benito Narrates How His Dad Beat Him Up And Told Him He Was Useless And Would K!Il Him

JJC Skillz beat up his young son Benito and the matter went viral on the Internet….In the video he posted, he explained what happened and how he got beat up and called useless….

According to Benito…..

”I’ll like people to finally know the truth of what really happened I have been seeing a lot of rumours and yeah I got expelled, there are a lot of mistakes that people make and we learn from it. I am in the UK right now

I got expelled when my dad picked me up and we were driving, he started shouting, then he slapped me and it moved to punches repeatedly.. The security guys in the school tried to hold my dad back but he kept on punching me on my head; it got worse and I tried to leave, he grabbed my tie and was like shaking me, kept on punching my head and the security men were still trying to stop him from doing that to me.


He now left the car and I was there catching my breathe after being shocked, two securities were trying to calm down my dad because of the blood coming down all over my uniform, marks on my necklace. He came back into the car and while driving home he kept on punching me repeatedly, I had to keep my guard up because I did not know what necessarily was gonna happen next.

He was driving recklessly in the school, almost running over people, threatening to kill me that I was useless to him, he kept on punching my head and my ribs I had injury there.. in my mind I thought i need to get out of this place.

We drove to my house picked up my cousin then off to the beach, when we got there I jumped out of the car, my dad begins to chase me around then he comes at me with this big wooden stick trying to hit me, I dodged it.. went down the beach met some locals I didn’t know who helped me clean the blood, I thanked them.

My dad was driving recklessly trying to hit people and my cousin was trying to calm him down, he hits my cousin and everybody screamed like my dad was going crazy ,he came out of the car screaming “he is my son I can do whatever to him” then he gets back in the car. I sat in the front seat while my dad at the back and he started hitting me with objects, my neck was bruised, my ribs it was so difficult to breath he kept on punching me at the back of my head screaming he was gonna kill me.


My cousin drove us to estate and I jumped off the car, my dad tried to come after me, I entered the house, locked myself in the room, my face covered in blood my eyes were black. My dad kept on screaming that he would kill me that I won’t leave the country, he was going to make my life a living hell.

Those people saying we are jealous, we want to trend ,I and my family just want justice for what happened. I had to keep cool vibes with him because I wanted to leave. At the airport he kept on apologizing that he lost it and was sorry for what he did to me”.

*This is not how to correct a child, the verbal and physical abuse was too much abeg!

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