Man Takes His Revenge On Stranger That Kept Blocking His Parking Space, His Idea Was Brilliant –
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Man Takes His Revenge On Stranger That Kept Blocking His Parking Space, His Idea Was Brilliant

A man takes his revenge on a stranger who kept blocking his parking space. His idea was brilliant.

When he walked towards his car, he couldn’t believe that the stranger kept blocking him. He warned the owner, but the car was still there. Something finally snapped inside him, and he knew what to do. This stranger would regret the day he crossed him.

The way this man solved his problem was so hilarious; it’s no wonder people had a great laugh by the end of his story. The whole story was posted on Reddit by a user called “Angry,” who didn’t reveal his real name.

After many warnings, the inconsiderate driver would soon get what he deserved. He messed with a very resourceful man that had a secret weapon. We’ve all met rude drivers in traffic, and most of them ruined our way, sped away, and could not be reasoned with. But this time, the Redditor had a chance to make sure that the driver couldn’t cross him next time.

The way he handled this problem was so hilarious that his story went viral online. The Redditor is a mechanic, which is why his story is so funny. He loved cars and was always eager to tinker inside cars. But as he was ready to go to work one morning, his mood soon soured. Apparently, there was a new car that was blocking him. He figured that the driver would come and move the car while he went to make a quick drop-off. But it was clear that the owner of the car had left his vehicle there for an entire day.

As hours passed, Angry Aussie had no other way than to call for a cab. Maybe it was a misunderstanding, he thought, as he left a note on the guy’s windshield. He would soon realize that the stranger was quite a jerk. Every day for the next week, the stranger’s car kept blocking his car during different odd hours. So Angry Aussie had issues driving his own car.

After a series of polite notes and no response, he decided it was time to act. If the man didn’t bother changing his bad habit, then he had to learn a lesson. Angry Aussie lived in an apartment block that had an underground parking lot. That meant a lot of people lived in that block, and he didn’t know whose car it was. However, each apartment had two parking bays, and the second bay was now occupied by the stranger’s car.

You see, every apartment needed two bays so that they could park the cars. This way, owners could coordinate so no car would be parked against the wall and get stuck there. But this driver that had parked him in was very rude, considering all the notes he had received so far on the windshield.

So, how did this Redditor solve the problem? He had us in tears; just look at what he did.

When rage said it, Angry Aussie had enough. For too many days, he had been parked in, and being polite didn’t solve his problem. Soon, things escalated, and on a Saturday afternoon, the mechanic put his plan in action. As he walked to the car that weekend to go with his friends on a trip, he saw the car was again blocking him.

He called the building manager and explained the situation, but he was told he couldn’t do anything about it. As Angry Aussie got angrier, he called a towing company, but they told him they couldn’t help because the parking spot was on the third floor, and they had a height restriction.

With nobody to help him settle this issue, the mechanic had to figure out a different solution, or else he’d never get to actually use his car. It seemed he had to take matters into his own hands.

So he concocted a plan that immediately made him laugh. As anger faded away, he realized his idea was brilliant. So, he called his friends and made sure to photograph everything.

Imagine a bunch of men around your car using a strange metal contraption. You know things are not going to end well. But Angry Aussie wasn’t going to be the villain of this story.

What they were going to use were vehicle positioning jacks. So, the mechanic and his friends struggled to attach a vehicle positioning jack to each of the car wheels, and they began pushing. The hydraulics did most of the job, and the car was now lifted.

So, the man moved the car so that it was facing the opposite direction. But this was just the beginning. Angry Aussie didn’t just want to move the car so that he could finally use his own vehicle. He was planning to take it to the other side of the parking lot. There was no parking bay there, only a load-supporting beam that had a small space behind it.

So, they tread their best to squeeze the car in, filled with glee. Angry Aussie was happy; he took his revenge. Good luck finding your car here! Out on Reddit, as he showed us these epic photos, finally, he could have his peace, knowing he taught that stranger a lesson. Now he would unwind with his pals on their weekend trip.

Angry Aussie shared an update with other Redditors, and we couldn’t stop laughing. It seems like after he got back from the trip, the car was still there, but the wheels looked as if he tried to turn it. So, what happened after that?

Being in

such a tight spot, it was impossible to get out of there without angling the car back and forth for a staggering number of times. Now, this man knew how it felt to have your car stuck.

Somehow, a day later, the rude owner of that car did manage to leave that spot. But the good news is that he never parked in this ingenious mechanic again. The rude driver definitely learned a lesson that day; he got the message in the end.

After a lot of notes and that prank, we can all agree that Angry Aussie had a great idea. As soon as he shared this story on Reddit, others praised him for his brilliant idea. It was obvious why his story went viral; his revenge plan was perfect. You can all agree that the driver truly deserved what came his way.

All Reddit users reading his story loved Angry Aussie’s problem-solving skills, and his story went viral in the pro-revenge thread. Of course, you get what you deserve when you park someone in or just occupy someone’s driveway. Soon enough, people all over the world laughed when they saw how he pulled off that prank. The ingenious execution was what made this mechanic’s story so funny.

But some Redditors still had a few questions. Angry Aussie began receiving questions about the ride he had to move someone’s vehicle. Could he be charged with theft? He explained that his research showed that the only way he could be charged is if he had illegally gained access inside the vehicle.

He added that he didn’t move the car with the intention of selling, lending, or gifting the vehicle to someone else. Moreover, the car was still in the parking lot. So, basically, he wasn’t an outlaw.

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