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He Did Something Terrible To His Wife. But on The Funeral Day, The Ugly Truth Came Out

Evelyn and Kingsley’s relationship started perfectly on their first date. Kingsley immediately knew Evelyn was the one, and he told her, “I have waited for you for a thousand years, and here you are.” Something about the way he said those words made Evelyn feel safe.

If only she knew he was a real devil. If only she knew she should have run away from him without looking back. In some years, this man would do something terrible and cold-hearted to Evelyn and her kid. But on the funeral day, the ugly truth would come out.

Evelyn had almost everything anyone could wish for: successful businesses, a garage filled with cars, and a mansion. Not only had she inherited her late parents’ fortune, but Evelyn was also a smart woman. After a few years of dedicating her time and resources to her business, she quickly rose to the top and became one of the most influential and successful women in the city. Evelyn, who had won many awards for her philanthropic acts, had a very kind heart and was always ready to help the sick and poor.

At 27, she started the Evelyn Richardson’s Foundation, which has given many homeless kids a better life. She also extended her kindness to animals, helping many shelters and animal rescue foundations give animals a better life. Definitely, such a wonderful woman deserves to be happy, right? Well, sadly, that wasn’t the case.

Evelyn was as sad as a black stone under the blue sea. You see, Evelyn was a victim of her past. While in her teens, she dated a guy named James, and that relationship lasted five years. It was beautiful yet very dark and toxic. James eventually lost his life in an accident while drinking and driving, and Evelyn blamed herself for it. That day, she scolded him about his drinking habits, and it had escalated into an intense argument. He left the house in anger, got into his car, and zoomed off.

You’re driving me crazy. I’m tired of the fights. I want peace. This is toxic. Just leave and don’t come back,” Evelyn had screamed at him as he rushed out of the house that evening. Their relationship had become so toxic, and she felt she couldn’t go on anymore. Sadly, James’s death only made her realize how much she still loved him and that she still had some strength left in her to try.

Ever since then, she had been looking for James, and every man she met, unfortunately, after a week or two, she would fall out of love with them. Well, maybe it wasn’t love to start with, but the feelings would just disappear. Over the years, Evelyn started thinking that maybe she would never love anyone as much as she had loved James. Well, that was the case until she met Kingsley, a young man in his late 20s who sent her a Facebook request one night.

Seeing him in those crazy jeans and black hoodie reminded Evelyn of James. The guy also had a little girl sitting beside him in his profile picture; she was about five years old and judging from the way she looked like James, Evelyn knew the girl was his daughter. Scrolling through his Facebook posts, Evelyn saw how much he cared for his daughter, Anna, and she immediately felt drawn to the girl. For the next few days, Evelyn found herself stuck on his profile. She wanted to know more about him and his daughter.

Some days later, just when Evelyn was about to text him, she got a message from him: “Hi, gorgeous.” Wasting no seconds, Evelyn responded, and they chatted for hours. Evelyn even spoke to little Anna on the phone; it was beautiful. It felt like a dream come true. Over the next few days, they continued talking on the phone, and Evelyn couldn’t even believe how hard she had fallen for a guy she met online and who was younger than her.

After texting for a few weeks, the duo finally met in person, and it was beyond perfect. Kingsley brought Anna along, and they all had a great time. When they were about to leave, Kingsley held Evelyn’s hands and told her that he really liked her and that maybe he could finally get over his dead girlfriend, Anna’s mother, and move on with her.

Within a few months, Kingsley moved in with Evelyn, and everyone could tell that there was something different about her. She looked happy, and she was even more productive. Gradually, Evelyn became convinced that she would never fall out of love with Kingsley and she swore to do everything to keep their relationship.

So when Kingsley started asking for money, she agreed right away, and she saw nothing wrong with it. She even gave him double whatever he asked for without asking him what he needed to use the money for. Or maybe she was just scared to ask. It was only when Kingsley started to get angry whenever she helped the needy that Evelyn began to suspect that something wasn’t right.

“Why do you keep acting like Mother Teresa? We could use that money to start a business, invest in real estate,” he would scream at her. Six months into the relationship, Evelyn’s business started to go bad, and even though Evelyn tried to explain that it could sometimes happen that way and that she would recover from her loss, Kingsley wasn’t having any of it.

“It’s because you keep helping people with the money. We will go bankrupt all because of you,” he yelled. He demanded to have access to her bank account and businesses so he could control what she sent to people. Much to Evelyn’s surprise, she complied.

Not long after this, Evelyn started doubting if the relationship was heading in the right direction. But whenever she was having doubts, Kingsley would do something to make her forget about her worries and fears. It was on one of these days when she got angry at him for trying to stop her from helping her cousin that he suddenly went down on one knee and proposed.

Evelyn couldn’t believe her eyes. She felt they still needed more time to study each other, but then again, she couldn’t imagine her life without him. “Yes,” she had doubts, but she also allowed Kingsley so much. And then there was little Anna standing in front of her and screaming, “Say yes to Dad!” So Evelyn found herself saying yes, quietly at first, then she started screaming happily.

The wedding was a far cry from what Evelyn had always envisaged. There were only a few friends in attendance, like Kingsley wanted. But still, Evelyn was happy, maybe just not as happy as she should have been. At least she loved the groom, and seeing Anna, her little bride, dressed in white made her happy.

After the marriage, Kingsley became more and more absent from home. So when Evelyn’s water eventually broke, he wasn’t at home. Anna was the one holding her hands and telling her everything would be alright. The little girl called 9-1-1, and within a few minutes, an ambulance arrived, and Evelyn was rushed to the hospital, where she gave birth to a baby girl named Ava.

It was exactly two years after Ava’s birth that tragedy struck. After eating supper prepared by Kingsley, the family went to bed. Sadly, the next morning, Kingsley and his daughter Anna were the only ones who woke up. Kingsley quickly called Evelyn’s relatives and asked them to come over immediately.

When the relatives arrived, they found a letter on Evelyn’s bed, and it read: “I’m so sorry that I disappointed you all. Life became so difficult, and I couldn’t go on. Taking my daughter along is the best decision I made, and I hope you don’t judge me for it. I want our souls to rest peacefully, so please bury us right away.”

Words would fail to describe how they all felt. Regardless, they quickly organized a burial as Evelyn had requested. But just when the coffins were opened to be viewed one last time, something unbelievable happened. Anna, who was standing beside Evelyn’s coffin, suddenly stopped crying and screamed, “Everyone, wait!”

There was total silence. Then Anna screamed again, “Her finger just moved! She’s alive!” One family member, who happened to be a nurse, rushed to Evelyn and her daughter. She held her wrists and felt a weak pulse. Then she screamed, “They are alive! They are alive!” Within a few minutes, they were rushed to the hospital where they received proper treatment.

Evelyn was so shocked when she saw the letter that her family claimed was written by her. She immediately knew Kingsley was responsible for everything. Seeing that a secret was out, Kingsley fled the city. But after a thorough search by the police, they found him, and he was put behind bars.

After making a full recovery, Evelyn and her daughter were eventually discharged. A few months later, Evelyn, who finally found the strength to put her past behind her, legally adopted Anna, and they all lived happily ever after.

What do you think about this story? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you for reading. See you next time.

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